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  1. *

    how cool you look NOT saying it.

    ...drat, i just screwed up a Star Wars meme....

  2. Boba Fett-"Its not what you say, but how cool you look saying it."

  3. Yeah, apparently its not a good idea to eat radio active materials

  4. Oh my god! Its not really radioactive at all!

  5. [MOCs] Mini Vehicles of the CIS

    The pics aren't working for me EDIT: Now I can see them These look great! The gunship is especially nice!
  6. [MOC] Space slug

    Very nice! I love the space slug
  7. Micro Death star

    I actually built it in all black, As I'm not using it as a death star, It just looks cool
  8. star wars customs

    These are really nice! The Ewoks look excellent! Great job on these
  9. Star Wars Custons Line 2

    Great customs! That death star gunner looks great!
  10. ToR Entry (Round 2)

    Ha! Great entry, I agree that that last line was brilliant! Good luck!
  11. Micro Death star

    Nice MOC Brickfoot! I just made my own and it looks great
  12. Micro Millennium Falcon

    I agree with Prateek that the new one looks way better, Now you just need to find those curved pieces in light bley... Good job
  13. Hello!

    Welcome to EB! I'm guessing by you're nickname you like pirates, Right? Anyway enjoy the forums
  14. Hello everybody!

    Welcome Agris! Enjoy the forum and I hope to see some of you're MOCs in the near future