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    MOC - 60051 Club Car and Extended Car

    I can have a got at LDD instructions for my version of the club car later if you wish. However, it is quite easy to follow just by looking at the photos.
  2. Oooh! Something to play with! Don't know if I'd ever be able to produce something to even my liking but I'll have fun.
  3. I would love to know if more has been done on this! Fantastic model!
  4. DanFraser

    How do you display your modular building collection?

    I should have added to my last comment that the Ikea Lack shelves fit modulate perfectly. I have one (for now) that fits 4 32x32 base plates almost perfectly. edit:. Just had another modular for xmas to make four for my set. The lack shelf can fit four with about 7-8 studs of room to either side (in total). The depth is nigh on perfect with a slight edge of a couple of millimetres of shelf extra under the base plate.
  5. DanFraser

    How do you display your modular building collection?

    Unfortunately it's a millimetre or two just shy.
  6. DanFraser

    WIP buidling

    Keep posting!
  7. DanFraser

    Shipping prices on Bricklink

    I'm in the UK, and I've found that shipping by costs to the EU have been horrific on some quotes I've been asked for. Smaller packages are fine but the prices seem to go insane the bigger you go.
  8. DanFraser

    Your First Pirate Set!

    My first pirate set was the mighty Black Seas Barracuda. Had a few others in the couple of years after. Last night I was watching eBay and almost had a heart attack when I scored that ship, the Carribean Clipper, Sabre Island and maybe some more but I haven't fully sorted them yet. The ships are in their original boxes with some damage but it appears everything is there!
  9. Haha! I have half of the pieces required. It'll only cost another grand or so...
  10. First picture. An 8868 manual? Was it? Is it?
  11. DanFraser

    [MOC] Club-Car for 60051

    I've done one similar. I may have to 'steal' that awesome top floor design. Also, I've not done this yet but the top row of Windows could go wider, so that the curved slope sits one stud on top of a window panel.
  12. This is a great program. I'm currently using it to create a list of pieces I've bought in bulk and it's the quickest way I've found compared to any program or website out there. A couple of tweaks I'd like to see are: On the add item window, if a part type is selected, a separate panel shows the image of that type, but still have the hover image display on moving the mouse around the list. An information window would be great. It could show the number of parts, total pieces etc. I would also love to know how to get every piece in the list showing its own lowest price, not combined with other pieces for an order, just wanting to see what my collection of random parts is worth!
  13. It's the tan gears on the top of the boom units. Follow the gear train back from the small linear actuator until you just get past the small 8 tooth gear set, then you will have two tan gears. Swap the tan gear on the axle that is parallel to the small gears. But one boom unit only.
  14. DanFraser

    MOC - 60051 Club Car and Extended Car

    I finally got around to building my version of the club car. I made a couply of changes with the intention for my children to be able to play with it.
  15. DanFraser

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    Don't know if anyone has mentioned this. One f the Lego Friends small sets has two tan 1x6 arches. One cost me 5.99 (or 3.99) at Argos and those are 4.75 each on brick link.
  16. DanFraser

    I need Custom Wheels!

    The information people have posted will help others who are trying to find out about custom train wheels. It's helpful even if it is not to you any longer.
  17. Woah woah woah. Guys, I am jut a little codie who wanted to take a look at this. The producer of the software can do whatever they want with their software open or closed. Don't argue about this please. Personally, my interest in wanting to look is I can see a few places that have potential for optimisation and I'd love to see if I could figure out a way to improve it.
  18. DanFraser

    Lego Modular City Square

    No worries, you and another Dutch person I used to know have very similar interests!
  19. DanFraser

    Lego Modular City Square

    That name looks familiar. Wyvern?
  20. Shame. I'd love to have a look through it and maybe even convert it to C# with unmanaged code to see if the performance can be improved.
  21. I'll second the Blueprint recommendation. It's fairly easy to use and you can set the steps much easier. Perfect for something to go on rebrickable.
  22. DanFraser

    2016 Lego trains

    @Pedilego A switchback like you described can be done by the 8 curve piece turn, straights off one side and on the other three curves, then one straight and three curves again. This spaces the two lines the same distance apart as the lines from a switch piece.
  23. DanFraser

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm certainly jealous of that price you paid, unless it's a typo! I will certainly get the restaurant first then. The Detectives Office will follow soon after and then I will definitely have to get proper storage!
  24. DanFraser

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I recently got the pet shop, next one is going to be at Christmas. So what is likely to end first, Parisian Restaurant or Detectives office?
  25. DanFraser

    How Many Trains Do You Own?

    I've only just got into trains but I already have 60051, 60052 and 60098. I also have the 60050 train station. A few extra pieces of track and when laid out it fills one of the kids bedrooms.