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  1. Sweet. Been a while since I've played Sapphire, but I remember him. I gotta replay it soon. Nice job.
  2. I'm... I'm speechless. This is the most pimptastic thing I've ever seen.
  3. Whoa. Those look great! Though I think The Thing's color's a bit off. Too dark, or maybe it's just the picture.
  4. ProtoChaud

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Here's a question, if you remove arms, does it still count as purist, since it's still using TLG made parts? Or putting official decals onto pieces? Or is that a point of contention among purist customizers?
  5. I'm looking to make a custom of Amaterasu from Ōkami, so I looked on bricklink for the part I need (pic below, if my tablet doesn't glitch up), but they don't make it in white, so I'm wondering, does vinyl dye work to lighten pieces? And do you need to use 2 coats to dye them bright white? The aformentioned piece.
  6. ProtoChaud

    [NXV] HulkbusterSanta :P

    I'm not sure whether to be impressed or laugh my megablocks off. I'll go with impressed. Nice job, man. EDIT: Ah, didn't know about the swear filter. Good to know.
  7. ProtoChaud

    Just a Question about Decals

    I'm not exactly experienced with customizing, but from what I've read, what you're talking about is machine printing. Decals will always eventually wear off if you treat them roughly. Hope that helps.
  8. ProtoChaud

    Legend of Zelda

    Can't remember exactly, but I think Minish Cap is one of the games you play as kid Link in.Anyway, nice purist fig. I'd use the green Forestman torso though.
  9. I like it. A bit large, but decent.
  10. Hey. I'm John. I'm a 17 year old aspiring metal1 musician (though I only started learning bass last month, I come up with riffs and lyrics near constantly). I'm trying to get back into Lego (well, to get into customising for the first time actually), though I played with Legos when I was younger, I was, I hate to admit it, a biter. I always used my teeth to pull apart tightly stuck bricks, so I'm gonna have to buy a lot of new ones. Yay for me, boo for my wallet, I guess. I'm also seriously into classic gaming, (NES mostly,) so you'll probably see me on threads dedicated to that, and music of course. And anime/manga. And old cartoons. Welp, this is getting to tl;dr length, so... Up the Irons, from your new friendly neighborhood metalhead, -John, aka ProtoChaud. 1NWOBHM/Early Metal styled, not Death, Black, or -core.