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    Dragon Attack (built by my little brother)

    I don't often comment on MOCs, but this one is too good to pass up. For a twelve year old, gosh, does your bro have some skills!
  2. JoashColbat

    [MOC] Hræfnesburh (Ravensburg)

    Wow, that's awesome. Perhaps the best part of the castle, for me, is the chapel. Great Work!
  3. Hello EB, Here's an inspired MOC that came out of the real life Bonneville Salt Flats. The idea of a sort of wizard idea sort of just popped into my head . I didn't see it coming. The force hit me hard, forcing the wind out of my lungs and left me gasping for air. It had appeared out of the scarred ground and it cracked the salt underneath me. It rose up, surrounded by a sea of green. A vortex-like tornado formed over the grassy sea. It spiralled faster, faster, faster... Something had materialized inside the vortex. A Great Being in the form of a human. Its eyes locked on mine. The Being had stretched out its fingers I had blacked out. Apperance on the Slat Flats 5 by JoashColbat, on Flickr Appearance on the Slat Flats 1 by JoashColbat, on Flickr Appearance on the Slat Flats 3 by JoashColbat, on Flickr Apperance on the Slat Flats 4 by JoashColbat, on Flickr Thanks for stopping by, C&C welcome. JoashColbat
  4. Prologue (Part 1): http://www.eurobrick...wtopic=91024 The Cities of the Westfolk (Part 2): http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=91055 The Wildermen (Part 3): http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=91172 Sparking the Fire (Part 4): Hello EB, The finish of my Revolutionary series was rushed quite a bit, so I'd like to give my apologies in advance about the absolutely horrible photo quality . Enough of that, let's move on with the backstory first, then the pics: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author's Note: This installment occurs about nine months after the events of Sparking the Fire. The Kingdom of the Dragons has been razed from the ground, and the Kingdom of the Lions is ready to fall. Joash stared at the land. It was decorated with trees that spotted and dotted the hills with yellow, red and orange. Leaves we're more common than grass. The few stalks of grass that managed to find their way through the mess of leaves were greeted by the deep blue sky, full of wispy cotton candy clouds. The sun made an appearance now and then, its rays penetrating the cloud layer like spotlights penetrating darkness. The wind swayed the boughs of the trees and shook the vines that encrusted the castle walls. The sound of chains could be heard, followed by screams of, "Open the gate!" The Queen, the Leader of the Blue Lions, had arrived. The Queen stumbled out from her carriage. She did not complement the landscape, the landscape complemented her. She stood out like a glowing sapphire amongst bare rock. She added colour to the drab and dingy castle. The guards stood to attention. The stable boys looked on. The Knights in their gleaming suits of metal clunked their way to their position in the castle bailey and saluted the Queen. The townsfolk looked on at the spectacle, fascinated at this distraction from their everyday lives. The Queen cleared her throat. Silence fell. "Defenders of our Kingdom!" Have faith! Do not let these invaders overcome you! You are soldiers of the Kingdom of the Lions; against whatever foul beast and man that attacks you stand your ground! Do not give into fear!" Joash continued to breathe silently. He was hidden in the East Tower, barely metres away from the Queen. He made sure to be quiet; detection meant certain death. Deftly and quickly, Joash's hands unrolled the weather-stained package in front of him. Inside was a bow, carved from oakwood and several arrows. Inside was also a note, on which Use it well was written in tall, thin cursive. Joash's left hand felt the wood of the bow and steadied his hand. His trembling right hand slotted an arrow into the bow. His fingers felt the fletching as he pulled his right hand to his ear. He looked down the arrow, and focussed his aim on the Queen's torso. There was no hesitation. He let the arrow go. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOC Overview. I really don't like the base, but it is my first attempt at one. Oh, and I also tried out a SNOT tower. I haven't seen many of those before . The target: And the assassin: The back. I tried a new grass technique. Let's just say it doesn't work very well : Another angle: And finally, probably the best photo of the batch: Thanks for viewing, really appreciate it. If you haven't checked out the rest of the series, links are at the top of the post. Hoped you liked the ending, the MOC and the story. I've learnt quite a bit from doing this whole series (probably the most important thing is to use Chrome; I was previously using Explorer and when I was doing the second installment I literally could not type! ), so if given the chance, I'd like to do something similar soon. Stay tuned for that JoashColbat
  5. JoashColbat

    [MOC] The Forestmen's Last Stand

    Nice MOC, I like the water (SNOT?) and base
  6. Lothlorien all the way. I'm not really an Orc person
  7. Link to Prologue (Part 1): http://www.eurobrick...wtopic=91024 Link to Cities of the Westfolk (Part 2): http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=91055 Link to The Wildermen (Part 3): http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=91172 Link to Epilogue (Part 5) : Hello EB, Here's the 4th and second last installment in the Revolutionary series. The MOC and backstory were done in a rush so they aren't my best work, but oh well. The backstory is a little longer this time (1000+ words ) so if you aren't in a mood for reading, just scroll down . Without further ado: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author's Note: This installment occurs several months after The Wildermen. Joash breathed heavily. He looked around himself, gazing at the masses of Wildermen assembled before him. It had been several months since, but Joash still couldn't forget his conversation with Ruoth, his cousin. "Joash Colbat. A pleasure indeed," a voice, belonging to a Wilderman unknown to Joash, had said. He was definitely the leader. "A pleasure?" Joash had asked, still half asleep. The Wilderman then chuckled lightly. "I am Ruoth, son of Druight, Lord of the Wildermen. Or was Lord until you arrived." Joash was fully awake by then. "What?" "You are confused, Joash, are you not?" "Yes! And I want answers!" "Very well then. Men, leave us." Ruoth then signalled to the guards that flanked him. "What is your question?" "Who am I? What does my father have to do with you? And why am I here?" "I'll start with the last question," Ruoth had said, unfazed. "You are here because you are one of us. You are a Wilderman, Joash. And I believe I've answered your first question as well. As for the second question, he was not your father. He wasn't a Wilderman, either. But he offered to take you in. It was his fault, Joash, for not explaining to you who you really are." Joash then processed what he'd just heard. So, he'd spent his whole life living with someone who wasn't his father. It shocked him. Then came a pause for a few minutes, but Ruoth didn't leave. Joash then finally spoke. "You didn't fully answer my first question. Who am I? How am I your leader? And who's hunting me?" Ruoth then sighed. "Many years ago, the Kingdom of the Wildermen dominated the Earth. We ruled over the lands of the Westfolk and further. But when the new power rose up, it all changed. They bore the crests of Lions on their shields and banners. They destroyed the cities of the Westfolk and killed them all. They drove us, the Wildermen, from our lands and exiled us. But we resisted. Your Grandfather lead the charge against the opposing force. But there were too many. Nevertheless the Wildermen put up a last stand, and fought to the last man. By the time your grandfather was finally slain, the new power had suffered losses so brutal, they could no longer fight us and left us alone. Your real father was but a small child then. For years there was no disruption from the new power, who called themselves the Blue Lions. Your real father married and begat you by your mother. You were barely one when civil war broke out amongst the Blue Lions. Those still loyal to the Blue Lion Queen still bore the crests of Lions, but the rebellion bore a crest of a Dragon, thus dubbing themselves the Red Dragons. All this did not at all concern us, until the rebellion tried to recruit us into their schemes. We refused, and they attacked us. You real father was slain in battle. Your real mother was captured, but you were saved by chance and were placed the care of your foster father." Ruoth had then paused for a moment, then continued. "We finally managed to drive back the attackers, but with no King, we were leaderless. The King's brother, my father, was also slain in battle, so that left me to rule. You are our King, Joash. I am willing to step aside to let you rule. Will you not accept?" Joash had had to pause for a second. There was a lot to take in. "Why, then, are the Red Dragons hunting me?" "The civil war is not over. The Red Dragons want you dead. If you are restored into your rightful place as King, you will be another enemy for them to face. Likewise, the Blue Lions see you as a threat. They also want you dead. Joash, you are not safe unless you become King. Will you not accept?" Ruoth had repeated. After several minutes had flow by with no answer from Joash, Ruoth had left. Joash snapped out of his reverie. He still did not know why he had later accepted the offer and ascended the throne. Maybe it was because he wanted revenge against the powers that devastated his family, his lands, his people. Maybe it was because he could not stand seeing the Wildermen so defenseless. Yes, he it was both of those reasons. Joash wanted revenge, he wanted to fight back. He wanted the Wildermen to strike both the Blue Lions and the Red Dragons. Joash wanted to see Lion and Dragon blood spilled. And now, he needed to convince all of the Wildermen to join his cause. To rally to their new King, to destroy those who opposed him. "Wildermen, my brothers! For years, we have lived under the oppression of the Lions and the Dragons. We have been exiled from our lands! May we retake our Kingdom, and stain the land with blood, ere the Sun sets!" Joash's short paragraph was accompanied by loud shouts of approval from the Wildermen. Joash then knew that there was no need to agitate them. They would follow their King to their death. "We must coordinate our strike on our enemies carefully. Lord Ruoth will lead his forces in a systematic clearing of our borders. Lord Jaruo will capture the lands of the Dragons and I will push for the Lion capital." Joash's plan was to concentrate more of their forces on the Lions rather than the Dragons. The fall of the Kingdom of the Lions would be harder to fell than the Kingdom of the Dragons, as the Lions outnumbered the Dragons more than two to one. "Have faith, my brothers! We will take back our homeland, and we will come out victorious! Do not fear the enemy. We will have victory!" And with that, Lord Ruoth and his forces streamed out of the square. It did not occur to Joash that his speech would spark a wildfire that would engulf all three Kingdoms in flame. He had initiated what would later be known as the Revolution of the Wildermen. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The actual MOC is not really covered in the events of the backstory. The scene depicts the clearing of the Wildermen borders which takes place shortly after the events of the backstory. The force is lead by Lord Ruoth, center Wilderman (guy with the black ninja headdress) Since it is revealed in this installment that Joash is a Wilderman, I think it is safe to explain why Joash is a fleshie. All the Wildermen in the series are fleshies, so it makes sense to make Joash a fleshie. That also explains why Joash's foster father was not a fleshie (he was not a Wilderman). Thanks for viewing, please comment if you liked it or you hated it or whatever . C&C welcome. If you enjoyed this installment, be sure to check out the rest of the series (links at the top of the page). I hope to post the Epilogue up at the start of next week. JoashColbat
  8. JoashColbat

    The Revolutionary - The Wildermen

    Thanks! I pretty sure it's a Dino 10 torso (correct me if I'm wrong). Glad you liked it Infernum. Although, I wasn't really aiming for a creepy feel with the arches, I guess that's just how they turned out ;)
  9. Link to Prologue (Part 1): http://www.eurobrick...wtopic=91024= Link to Cities of the Westfolk (Part 2): http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=91055 Link to Sparking the Fire (Part 4): Link to Epilogue (Part 5): Hello EB, Here’s the Third instalment of the Revolutionary (I know, I promised it at the end of the week, but it’s here early). I’ve posted the backstory text as a photo (excuse the cursor) because of formatting problems. The Revolutionary - The Wildermen Text by JoashColbat, on Flickr The Revolutionary - The Wildermen 1 by JoashColbat, on Flickr The Revolutionary - The Wildermen 2 by JoashColbat, on Flickr The Revolutionary - The Wildermen 3 by JoashColbat, on Flickr The Revolutionary - The Wildermen 7 by JoashColbat, on Flickr “Joash Colbat. It has been a long time.” The Revolutionary - The Wildermen 6 by JoashColbat, on Flickr Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always. If you liked it don't forget to check out the rest of the series, see my Flickr for more images (link in my signature) and comment! Thanks. JoashColbat
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    Imperial Barracks

    Great job on the rockwork!
  11. JoashColbat

    The Revolutionary - Cities of the Westfolk

    Thanks mate! And in case you're wondering, when I finish the Revolutionary I'll join GoH.
  12. Link to Prologue (Part 1): http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=91024 Link to The Wildermen (Part 3): http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=91172Link to Sparking the Fire (Part 4): Link to Epilogue (Part 5): Hello EB, As planned, here is the second instalment in the Revolutionary series. Backstory first, followed by the pics: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joash had to leave the valley. They hunted and killed his father. Now they were after him. He wanted this to all go away. After all, he was just a normal, rather unremarkable person who went about his business. Why were they looking for him? There was nothing special about him, right? He left with nothing other than the clothes on his back and a few days worth of food and water. Joash set off at dawn. His father's wish was for him to reach the great cities of the Westfolk, and he would honour that wish. He was several days into his journey when he arrived at the easternmost regions of their lands. He imagined a country full of towering cities, gilded with marble and gleaming in the sun. But the reality utterly shocked him. Most of the cities were ruined, nameless piles of rubble that were the mark of a civilisation on the decline. When Joash finally reached the inner area of the West-country, he found himself under the shadow of a city's ruins, but these rose above him to heights of more than ten metres and were but whispers of how great it had once been. He wandered through the maze of arches and rubble, hoping to find something, someone. But not a soul was in sight. Joash was ready to forfeit his journey and hand himself over to whoever was hunting him. His father had meant for him to come here, but why? Why here, of all places? Then he heard a sound. A voice, as soft as a bird's warble but as cold as winter's chill. "You are weary, Joash. What haunts you?" it whispered, barely audible. As there was nothing else to do, Joash answered back: "They killed my father. Now they're coming for me." "Your father has nothing to do with your troubles," the voice responded, louder this time. "What's hunting me? Why?!" Joash was nearly screaming by now. The voice sighed. "You are different, Joash. You are special. They see you as a threat. They want you dead." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Revolutionary - The Cities of the Westfolk 1 by JoashColbat, on Flickr The Revolutionary - The Cities of the Westfolk 2 by JoashColbat, on Flickr The Revolutionary - The Cities of the Westfolk 3 by JoashColbat, on Flickr The Revolutionary - The Cities of the Westfolk 4 by JoashColbat, on Flickr That's all folks, thanks for getting this far without hitting the back button . C&C welcome, as always. I hope to post the next part in the series by the end of the week. Joash Colbat