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  1. -JaMMiT-

    eBay finds - August 2nd 2010

    Thanks for this post, But im sorry i live in the uk.
  2. -JaMMiT-

    Ideas for PF streetlights?

    Sorry, I dont know how to fix your problem.
  3. -JaMMiT-

    10199 Winter Toy Shop

    I have seen it in the lego shop UK.
  4. -JaMMiT-

    Cargo bay

    It looks very good, I hope to see more.
  5. -JaMMiT-

    2011 Atlantis sets

    I like the Atlantis sets, Love to see the new sets!
  6. -JaMMiT-

    MOC: Prince of Persian Restaurant

    Very good post, I really hope to see more of these! I will try to create one like this someday. (This should be fun)
  7. -JaMMiT-

    10216 Winter Village Bakery

    Wow this set looks like a winner for me, Its very creative might keep me busy for half an hour!
  8. -JaMMiT-

    No weaponry and violence in City sets?!

    Lego do not need guns in city sets as the city sets are more for children if you want violence go and get stuck into other sets.
  9. -JaMMiT-

    MOC: Waste collector

    Very good use in those peices i hope to see more like this!
  10. -JaMMiT-

    Need help finding a piece

    The only suggestion i have is that you keep on lucking or you go into a lego show and get some help from them! Thanks, Jammit
  11. -JaMMiT-

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 3 discussion

    Does anyone knoe how many series they will be? Thanks.
  12. -JaMMiT-

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Hey Guys, I have recently started something where every color will go into a zip bag (A very large one) And every type of different bricks goes into a smaller plastic bag and the zip bag goes into a box. Has anyone got anymore suggestions.
  13. -JaMMiT-

    Brickworld 2010 After-Action reports

    Never bin there but thanks for telling us!
  14. -JaMMiT-

    Lego.com Boards

    Yeh TLC doesnt care about us AFOLs!
  15. -JaMMiT-

    Western MOC: Green Store

    Very good design! Looks good!