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  1. Hi Mazin, You can find my book on: some book stores (Barns and Noble in USA) Also I will be having a book signing at LEGO Fanwelt in Germany this weekend-along with 2 featured builders from the book (nolnet and L@go)! If you are going- stop by our LEGO Adventure Book table. cheers- Megan
  2. Hello everyone, I don’t want this to be an advert- I just wanted to have a thread here in case you guys had any questions regarding my upcoming LEGO Book: The LEGO Adventure Book. The LEGO® Adventure Book: Cars, Castles, Dinosaurs, and More is a new 200 page hard cover ‘unofficial’ LEGO book by former LEGO Designer and AFOL Megan Rothrock (megs on brickshelf and megzter1 on Flickr) and published by No Starch Press (who brought us The Cult of LEGO). Megan has gathered some of the top LEGO builders from around the globe to be featured in what she hopes is the unofficial sequel to the classic 6000: LEGO Idea Book. She has even tracked down one of the former LEGO Designers of the original book and the new book features MOCs he has built since retiring. What is The LEGO® Adventure Book about? Follow mini-figure Megs as she journeys into different worlds, meets awesome AFOLs and explores their LEGO building techniques! Learn some of their closely guarded secrets, read Building Journal entries to gain a deeper insight into how each of them approaches LEGO model design and there's at least one complete model breakdown (photographic instructions might describe this better) from each builder too. There's everything from small brick by brick builds to more complex model breakdowns of hard to build AFOL masterpieces. Whether you are a seasoned AFOL builder or just getting into LEGO, there is something in The LEGO® Adventure Book for everyone. one of the pages from my book: Steam Loco model by Carl Greatrix (bricktrix). You can check out more of the pages here: LEGO Adventure Book Happy Building- Megan
  3. Astro Box

    Thanks guys! :) Happy to hear such nice, uplifting comments about The Astro Box!!! Its' a lot of fun to take around....hehehe I need to get some 'normal' bricks-so I can make some more! Cheers- Megan
  4. Astro Box

    Hey Guys! I wanted to share my latest you all More- Transportable LEGO! The Astro Box is the second in the series. Brickshelf Hope you all enjoy Spaceman Sid! Feed back would cool- Cheers! Megan
  5. Thanks Bat Brick!-your is nice too :) -cheers- Megan
  6. Portable LEGO-Zoo in a Box!

    HOLLY COW!! WOW-I hoped that my Zoo in a Box would be liked, but never expected such amazing comments! :-$ hehe jedikermit-COOL!! I've never been referred to as a builder-savant before! I'm happy to hear your enjoying my work!
  7. Hey Sinner-Thanks for the complements :) Yes, I've got an account here-I seldom post-and haven't posted in any forums for a long time. (funny how 'life' gets in the way) I'm happy to hear you like my work! Don't worry the giant beetle is a friendly one ;) I really dig your money-box moc! Cheers- Megan
  8. Hey guys! Long time, I'm so happy to be back!!! Here's my latest: Zoo in A Box Brickshelf Let me know what you think! Long Live The Brick!! Megan
  9. Cool competition guys! Here
  10. Tis The Season-The Gift!

    Thanks Hobbes for the welcome! I'm glad you liked 'The Gift'! Sure I'll be here beyond christmas ;) Hi Lost Viking, wow-great you've seen my work (and like it!) thanks for the welcome too! I had a blast building 'Gift" and also making the comic! Shame I lost my shooting light, as I wanted to add a mini fig at the last frame too-ah well ;) you can call me megs or Megan- either will do!
  11. Hello fellow Brickers! Well it