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  1. , that didn't last long lad. At least you will have some space.
  2. Very true incognito, I have picked up all the flagship Technic sets from amazon for anywhere between 30-45% discount over the last few years, just takes some patience.
  3. I think they done a super job of ducking the question of whether you can use the remote control or not . Also what colour is the new bucket element supposed to be, looks somewhere between LBG and DBG Finally @Jim, are you reviewing this bad boy and how long do you think it will take you?
  4. Bags with no numbers is a pro rather than a con for me, back to proper Lego building. Maybe just Maybe Lego is starting to see the light. What's the rush anyway Sariel its not like you have a review to post. Is it not the build process the part of the experience we all love the best anyway and hunting down that part we are looking for because it must be there because Lego never misses a part only adds to it. Thanks for yet another good review as well Sariel, the time and effort you put in is clear to see and much appreciated.
  5. Quick question peeps, what is the approximate scale we decided the model was, around 1:19?
  6. Yip, Kickstarter backer still waiting here also, plastic and metal track. Have any backers received their backer kit recently? Seems to have gone very quiet on all fronts.
  7. Very nice Desert and seeing the model in its natural habitat makes for good pictures.I am currently nearing the finish line on the build of your Feller Buncher and if that is anything to go by and your video this skidder's functions work smoothly and at a good speed. Top Job, so when the time comes I for one would be interested in instructions.
  8. Still not available on shop@home UK. Ultimate fail by Lego regarding the whole release of this set in general. I can get two 42043's for the same price at Amazon right now which would be the wiser decision as far as parts go anyways.
  9. Very very nice and the use of red liftarms certainly make this model pop out and highlights its shape from the LBG structure. Love it.
  10. The simplest ideas are often the best one's. I can't see the partnership with Claas being a one off, so here's hoping we might be lucky and see a combine or a forage harvester both of which could make use of those new tyres.
  11. Finally we got an update this week. I pledged for both plastic and metal track so I expext to be waiting for at least another 2 years before I see any return. Shipping from the US is just too expensive for me to just buy some plastic track to cover my needs until that point. (An EU based re-seller would be great.) Anyway here is update 23 "Holiday Update" Happy Holidays from ME Models! With that said, we thought we would drop a few lines with an update of where we are at with the project. First of all, we would like to thank everyone again for their tremendous patience and understanding. As we have said throughout the year, we will be completing our project. Everyone who supported the project will receive their reward per pledge level. Unfortunately, our timeline has been stretched and has taken us a lot longer to product a product that we know everyone wants and expects. As of December 17, 2015 we are now completing the remaining orders for the ABS plastic rail system. We are picking up a very large parts order from our manufacturer on Tuesday December 22. We have the Holidays and the New Year upon us. We will be working throughout those vacation days to package and ship the plastic reward pledges that we owe. For those of you that have pledged for metal rewards, we want to let you know that we have been diligently working on our metal rail production. As stated earlier, holding the tolerances has been the biggest issue. As we were testing and re-testing the tolerances, another concept emerged and our ME engineering team developed a second metal rail system in tandem over the past six months. We now have a 9-volt rail system. As of December 17, 2015 we are going forward with the procurement of the materials needed to manufacture the system. Manufacturing will begin shortly and we will update you with expected shipping dates as we build inventory. Thank you once again for all your patience. We sincerely appreciate the loyal support from all our hobbyist friends in the building community. Kind Regards, ME Models
  12. Oh, exciting times once again for you next year Edwin. I know you had plans to maybe make an ''official'' Edwin Korstanje set. Is that still on the to do list or do you jut have too much commercial work now to find the time for such project? A little reindeer told me I may be getting a certain Tug for Christmas CSD Dredger is sold out..... Would have been a nice Birthday gift to accompany the Tug. Dam it!! A new set for next year and something to do with offshore, Great news Edwin. All the Best Colin
  13. Very Nice Tommy, that Soldier sure looks pleased with his new tank.
  14. Geez M_longer your at hard lad to please. oh, M_longer if you read the rules you would find out that no power functions are aloud. Great start Technivor.
  15. Dam you Alex, Now I have no excuses to get on with this model. I built the under carriage a while back when you released your first pdf for it and ordered most of the parts. I take it that should still be good to go? No changes there? Anyway, top job Alex,you seem to have the same taste in models as I have and I always enjoy building from your instructions. .