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  1. freeedrik

    Which set should I buy?

    Fire Brigade or Pet Shop?
  2. freeedrik

    Which set should I buy?

    Emeral night or winter post office + some other stuff to a value of ~40€? Or wInter bakery vs winter post office? Having a harf time here :S
  3. freeedrik


    What are we suppose to discuss here?
  4. freeedrik

    Modular Building 2011

  5. freeedrik

    Modular Building 2011

    I can confirm that the next modular will be released in August... ...but not that it is going to be a Petshop.
  6. freeedrik

    Are new Molds Expensive?

    I've heard from a LEGO employee that a new mold costs 125 000 sek ( about 18 000 dollars ) to produce
  7. freeedrik

    2011 City sets

    The best polybags i've EVER seen :D
  8. freeedrik

    MOC: Village small street

    Cool moc! But I've never thought 10193 ever would be converted into a pizzeria
  9. freeedrik

    The Winners of Expand the Winter Village Contest

    Congratulations to the winners! Your MOCs where fantastic!
  10. freeedrik

    MOD: Octan Road Train 3180

    Nice Moc! Its really an improvement since last time. Then it was more like a double tanker than a road train but now it really looks good and reallistic (but i've never seen a roadtrain In Real Life)
  11. freeedrik

    Longest Modular, who has it?

    Thanks, I will defiantly share my attempts to build a modular Thanks for the help. I've already teared down my Tower Bridge, so i guess that i could built something with those bricks+my spare parts. I have GG and GE, but i dont think i would ever take down those buildings. And Dragon Alley, would that make a good partspack? Thanks so much for the help it really helps
  12. freeedrik

    CC-Styled Inspiration Pics

    I was looking for some actual buildings but thanks for the link anyway! And Obey, thanks for the tips, but i think i would prefer an actual CC building as reference pic
  13. freeedrik

    REVIEW: 9348 Community City Minifigures

    Thanks for the review! I think this is an improvement from the old set, but the new female head print is not beutiful
  14. freeedrik

    CC-Styled Inspiration Pics

    Hi Eurobricks! I'm new into CC mocing, so if you have some good inspiration pics please share them here /Fredrik
  15. freeedrik

    Longest Modular, who has it?

    Thanks for the help! I'm new into CC mocing, do you have anny more inspiration pics? That woud really help me alot. And your CCs really look fantastic! /Fredrik