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  1. Tully

    BOX ART: 6290 Red beard runner

    Check the pic of the back. The model on the far right is the model. *sweet*
  2. Now we look into the art of the Red beard Runner. The front... Back... Side 1... And Side 2. There! The box art of 6290.
  3. Tully

    Factory Set: Amusement Park with mini pirate ship

    You can add a flag because there are 2 "poles". :-P
  4. Now I Start with my 2nd box art topic. Forbidden Island. We start with: The front... The back... And the side(and inside)... 1 forbidden isle Box! :-D
  5. Tully

    Best smaller ship in the Pirate theme

    My vote went to RR because It was the first small one I got, and I like pirates more than imperal guards.(even though it's small, I like it most)((Or did I vote for CC...)) :-/ :-D :-P >8-)
  6. Tully

    Castle MOC

    Exellent find! It's has nice landscaping, and everything a castle could have!
  7. Tully


    This is one Really good community, Asuka. Any way, my contrast is having problems, but this website is still a lot of fun!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
  8. Tully


    Ok. Thanks for telling me how. Yo Ho Ho, Mr. phes!
  9. I still like RIR! Or should I go with ITP... Hmmm...
  10. I don't care if you do all of the colors. But... I would like it if you did!! :-D :-D *sweet* >8-) :)
  11. Tully

    Pirate Instruction Website

    There is another site I like also, and it has all of lego's instructions!(that means pirates, too!) Just follow these rules: 1: Go to Google.com 2: Type in "lego instructions" 3: Go to Lego instructions and catalouges 4: These ones are pirates: Pirates, Imperial Guards, Imperal Armada, and Islanders. Tell me what you think of this link here!
  12. Tully

    Hello, i'm new

    A huge welcome from the Lego sea! Welcome to Eurobricks!
  13. Can I have a request done? I was wondering if I could have colors of these striped pirates: *yellow *green *orange *light blue If anyone could do that, I would apprecate it! (I don't have the time.)
  14. Tully


    Already played it... and it's fun. But a little bit educational, but really fun!
  15. Tully

    A Raft - are they gonna make it?

    Well... let's just say that lego don't apprecate red-striped pirates, either.... at least in the picture...