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Do you really want to know about me? Ok, fine. I'm an AFOL, grew up with LEGO since I was a kid, all the way from Duplo to now. I still remember getting my first system set, 6013 Samurai Swordsman, when I was about 3 or 4. I've got four minifigures tattooed on my arm; I've basically run out of room in my apartment for space for LEGO (thankfully the rest of my sets are back with my parents in their home, thanks!). I've spent probably about $2.5k+ in product since 2017 for (as of 2019), from official sets to PaB (for the Castle of Syndrifel). And there's no stopping... well, maybe there is for room.

So I love Castle, Pirates, Modulars, and while I'm out of the age range for Ninjago, they've got some pretty cool sets and pieces that I've started buying. I was active with HEROICA here on EB, and a regular player in Mafia games. Brethren of the Brick Seas is fantastic. Basically I love storytelling, especially with LEGO.

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