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  1. "You know what I meant," Jack harrumphed. "I try to not type when I can avoid it. The best work is done by hand." "Keep in mind somebody brought that demon plush into my stateroom. We know my hands will be on places here, as Graceis clearly scanning. But there should be other people's too. How else would tht thing get in here?"
  2. "I'm unsure. I've been a sort of fog for a bit." He looks at his hands. "And I'd like to think I have no injuries to my hands, I write with them!"
  3. Adding onto this because I have second hand knowledge of this. It takes a long time to switch out the molds. I want to say what I heard was their fast, most efficient people would still take up to 20-30 minutes to switch out a mold from one mold to another. So yeah, it's just not economical to do rare pieces people won't buy in big quantities.
  4. Not sneaky, never sneaky. We have been the most upstanding gentlemen!
  5. KotZ

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Jumping in here, and I like the ideas of gods as tangible beings, but I'm slightly hesitant to that due to it could be very easy to mess them up. Could an idea by to have us interact with their intercessors/representatives? I'm not saying each god needs a pope-like figure, but some kind of representative who is hard to seek out or appears rarely. That way we can leave the interpretation of "is that what the god really wants?" or "is this actually them manifested but unsure" to players and QMs. Also, hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in here. Been busy with work, BoBS, etc. Hopefully around Thanksgiving I can get a break to dive into here.
  6. KotZ

    Is LEGO using the 18+ rating wrong?

    Lego strip club coming soon then?
  7. KotZ

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    D1-3 is a playmobil ladder and C2 is Playmobil spotlight that would attach to a helicopter.
  8. KotZ

    Is LEGO using the 18+ rating wrong?

    In theory, so is the Treehouse, Barracuda Bay, and the Modulars. Those are all 16+, but I won't be surprised if TLG makes the next wave of Modulars 18+ just for consistency of the new 18+ model going forward. Looking at Elf Clubhouse, their video online is an adult woman building/playing with it. It definitely can be a playset and kids certainly can build and play and love that set, but I think their market research shows the winter village sets are purchased by adults for themselves more than purchased by kids. They're also seasonal items. Think like the nativity scenes that only come out around Christmas time people put up. If adults are purchasing the sets, they might be rotating the holiday themes in their homes. I agree that Sesame Street should be much more modular like the original submission, but I'm guessing LEGO doesn't want an "unofficial" modular in the line, especially if it's a licensed item, where the average consumer will get confused and wonder why there aren't more licensed modulars and then not purchasing the in-house official ones.
  9. KotZ

    Is LEGO using the 18+ rating wrong?

    Regarding 123 Sesame Street, how many kids (by kids, I mean the ones who actually use system pieces) actually watch Sesame Street? That's a show for toddlers and such, who generally are going to be using Duplo. The kids aren't going to be into, generally, such a show. If it was a Spongebob set with the 18+ rating and at the building level of 123 Sesame Street, then I'd agree with you. But this current set is much more for adults riding the nostalgia wave who now have their own kids or are wanting to relive their youth.
  10. KotZ

    Lego themes that we would like to happen

    Because LEGO won't do (for the most part) anything that is human vs human violence when it's set too close to our current time period. The closest time period we have (of classic themes) is Wild West, which can be easily romanticized. Same thing with Pirates and Castle. Castle you can throw in dragons and orcs, and other fantasy creatures. Pirates can have sea monsters. Wild West is a bit more difficult, but you can lean into the idea of an outlaw gang robbing banks and riding off into the sunset. But for modern stuff? You can't romanticize WWI or WWII. You can't romanticize Vietnam or the War on Terror. You can't make tongue in cheek references like that. Sure, old Pirates and Wild West had Islanders and Native Americans, but that was a VERY different time period, both historically and in the understanding of history and LEGO. We got Indiana Jones, but anything Nazi related was sanitized heavily. And they only did that theme because of how good a relationship they already had with Lucasfilm and how popular the movies were. We're not going to get a Call of Duty WWII theme because the sanitization just would destroy it. Regarding Star Wars, having faceless goons like Stormtroopers or robots like battle droids (similar to how Exo-Force used the robots), you can get away with it. And Star Wars is much more science fantasy than real life. Like we could never get full blown theme of The Expanse. It's too real. Star Wars is different. Yes it has a Death Star (or two or three), but the entire idea of Star Wars (movies and shows) is much more whimsical. And that's where the key, I think is. Is it whimsical? Is it able to be tongue in cheek? Agents had loads of references to Bond, and they could get away with it because it was clearly tongue in cheek. Apocalyspeburg works because it is very tongue in cheek. All of those themes work because you can poke fun at the tropes. You can't poke fun at Fallout, because the game itself takes itself seriously. Same thing with CoD. Star Wars takes itself seriously, but it's much more family friendly. The adult one off sets work as one offs because they don't have to worry about losing a ton of retail space. And keep in mind a lot of those shows (BBT, Simpsons, etc) have to keep to the US's broadcast standards. So while they may be more adult themed, it's ok for a kid to turn them on and not be shown a ton of vulgar language, violence, or nudity. We could get a one off set of Game of Thrones or Westworld (probably in dioramas), but never a full blown theme, because of the ratings. Also with video games, you're acting out the charactr. You're the one doing it. You're not watching people perform the actions. You're inputting in the keys. I'd love an apocalpyse theme, but it's not going to be the gritty Mad Max or Fallout.
  11. Great scene! I love how busy it is, and that carriage is lovely.
  12. Thanks! And those look like something out of Warhammer Fantasy! Thanks! Since LDD went on the fritz on my laptop (and I'm away from my desktop currently), I've been trying to learn stud.io, and I'm enjoying the placement abilities of it, somewhat. The front is sparse, but I hwas running out of time, missing my mouse, and if I cut it off to a shorter length, it looked slightly stubby.
  13. Thanks! I can never find a cannon/carriage combo I like, so mine change a bit.