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  1. KotZ

    [MOC] The Sacrifice

    And here it is in real bricks! I'm going to bring this to Brickworld this year, and I'm excited to see what people say there, as there are always some Fabuland builds there. I made some small modifications from the original digital build based off some available pieces I had. Enjoy!
  2. I like this idea! I'll see what I can scrounge up.
  3. I’m glad Phil has made an appearance. It would be a shame to vote someone off who never showed. I don’t think it’s worth having a no lynch day and in the interest of getting a lynch in this very first day, I… Vote: Phil (classic_spaceman) As I said, going for someone who hadn’t shown up yet feels like a wash and he has shown up now.
  4. Now now now I would like to state I would prefer no whacking or lynching in my place of business. That would be terrible for my restaurant. Could you imagine if people thought the blood of the meat was the blood of people?
  5. Well of course, oui! I run the magnificent Parisian Restaurant here. Of course we adhere to the standards, we wouldn't be the best moudlar building if we didn't.
  6. This isn't good for my business! How can I run a restaurant when there are people being murdered!?
  7. And a partridge in a pear tree.
  8. As the user above me commented, the one in the photo is a very snug seal. As for the reputable brands, then do some research, as there are a lot of good options out there of plastic tubs that can help contain your unopened boxes in pristine condition. Or you can use cling wrap and not damage the boxes as you mentioned you were concerned about damaging them with tape. I feel like you're being obtuse just to be obtuse.
  9. If you're constantly opening and closing them, maybe. But if you're planning on saving the boxes, why even open the container holding them at all, especially if a container is filled? Or find a more reputable brand that won't have the locks fail within a few months. I have multiple tubs that get opened constantly and most handles are still intact.
  10. Who knew that Fabuland figures sacrificed regular minifigures?! It's a darker side of Fabuland we don't always get to see, but it's there, lurking around the corner. Be careful, they might get you! On a serious note, it feels almost a requirement on EB to be a fan in some way of these weird animal minifigs we know as Fabuland. Look at any mafia game involving them, or MOCs from other users. So of course I had to add to my MOC collection of another Fabuland build following Ernie Elephant's New Ride. Similar to that build, I did this in a neo-Fabuland style I found by HarrisBricks. I really like going silly with this and last Fabuland build had neo-style builds of old sets, so here I wanted to go a little more bonkers. For those who don't know, neo-Fabuland is the idea of using colors used in Fabuland sets, but with modern pieces and to get that still sort of kid-like look. As there were no Aztec temple Fabuland sets, I had to improvise here with the style. I'd like to think it came out well! As this was in Stud.io, there are no true Fabuland figures, as they are not in the program. I substituted Chima recolors and will use the actual Fabuland figures when I build this physically. I really enjoyed making the base for this one and playing with the texturing. As always, comments and criticism are more than welcome!
  11. KotZ

    [MOC] One Way Out

    Haha yup! There's an access panel for the lights and battery box with holes to snake the wires through. The transparent side panels have enough room for the string lights to go through. I'm planning on using the same lights that we used in the Brickworld collab Party Barge of the Dead this year. Thanks!