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  1. exis

    Winter Village: Dorp

    Thanks everyone for comments. I understand from the description in the dictionary...Dorp is a village or small town; in English its use refers chiefly to South Africa. hahaha. But seriously, this box is a cover of the old electric stove.
  2. exis

    Winter Village: Dorp

    Hi all! Let me present my creations for winter village Expand Competition III. If it is cold, you want to be warm. Are always people who want to winter in the summer and vice versa. Probably the I am one of them... The next expedition is very taken a great interest a treasure hunt. Now is Having New Year's holiday in the hot desert. But this is not a reason to despair. Maybe it's just a big fridge and industrial ventilation system. But do you know a lot of people can not see the snow in the winter. And for a little girl is a real holiday miracle. View inside the house. more general view Photos can be found in my flickr gallery. Thanks for looking. Have fun!
  3. exis

    Winter Village: Jewelry Store

    Bravo! really looks great. The fight in the contest will be a serious
  4. exis

    |MOC| The fifth element

    Hey all! I really like this movie. Despite the fact that it was released in 1997. I hope that after all these years, you will easily recognize the lair of Korben Dallas. See all picture at flickr. Thanks for watching.
  5. Screen resolution: 1600x1200 Internet Connection speed: 100 Mbit I use latest version Google Chrome.
  6. exis

    MOC: Tower on the Corner - Auction House

    Thanks for all the comments. Added pictures yellow and white cars.
  7. exis

    MOC: Tower on the Corner - Auction House

    Thank you. Only the yellow car modified elements. I did not use glue, a knife, to create a building. It uses friction and arch thrust. p.s.: here are three "new elements"
  8. Hello all! Let me present modular auction corner. I hope you enjoy it. More detail in my Flickr gallery Some pictures of yellow and white cars
  9. exis

    MOC Arboretum

    Hi all I would like to introduce you to a small section of the arboretum. More commonly, today, an arboretum is a botanical garden containing living collections of woody plants intended at least partly for scientific study. More photo are available in my flickr
  10. exis

    Dino 2012

    I think the theme will be a success. Very soon sets will be available in my city and I will make raid on toy store. There is only one drawback in the series: Despite the fact that the jungle are the backdrop for the sets some of them do not even have a bit of vegetation. If there is another wave, I hope the situation will change.
  11. exis

    2012 Friends Discussion Thread

    The second wave did not cause me great delight in comparison with the first. Possible reason is that when I get my first set of excitement will be gone. Series loses its entourage, becouse Summer sets are much closer to the classic city theme.
  12. exis

    MOCs: ER0L's Cars

    I like how the car created. 7-wide style the best choice if you want to the driver and passenger seated nearby.