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  1. Fordo

    Hello all (New Member)

    Welcome to Eurobricks, I can't wait to see some pictures of yours MOC's!
  2. Fordo

    French Navy Xebec

    Simply stunning, love the rigging which is spot-on, another great addition to the French Navy. Viva la France.
  3. Fordo

    Updated! French Army Version 2

    I'd like to have 40 more French line Infantry making the total 200 line Infantry, as well as a regiment of Hussars and possibly some Chevau-Légers (Lancers). As for the Prussians, I'd like for them to at least equal my French army in size.
  4. Fordo

    Updated! French Army Version 2

    I plan to add more line Infantry as well as cavalry. I also would like to build up my Prussian army in order to recreate part of the Jena-Auerstedt Campaign.
  5. Fordo

    Updated! French Army Version 2

    I had put in a full offer for the Blue army, while I believe you had offered for all three before he stopped responding.
  6. Fordo

    Updated! French Army Version 2

    Combined I have 501 troops; 263 French, 238 Allied.
  7. Fordo

    Updated! French Army Version 2

    I started collecting in 2006, and ironically it began with me and Bonaparte bidding for Red and Blue Napoleonic armies over at Classic-Castle, which didn't materialize. And when Bonaparte posted his army over here at Eurobricks I joined to post my army as well. Back then we also had Mosana making his stunning decals, wish he'd come back.
  8. First up, the Commanders (From left to right: Marshal Lannes, Marshal Davout, Marshal Murat, Chasseur a Cheval, Napoleon Bonaparte, Marshal Berthier, Marshal Poniatowski, and Marshal Ney). An aerial overview: Artillerie à pied: Light Infantry: Cuirassiers: Line Infantry: Mameluks: Old Guard: Here's the Gallery: Total: 263 men 6 Marshals 2 général de division 8 général de brigade 15 Artillery gunners 10 Cuirassiers 12 Mameluks 20 Old Guard 30 Light Infantry 160 Line Infantry Credit for the decals goes to Mosana and alextam93 (Chasseur a Cheval)
  9. Fordo

    Computer Game - Napoleon: Total War

    There is an online multi-player component with Napoleon Total War, where you can play battles against a human opponent or entire campaigns.
  10. Fordo

    The pas de charge

    Awesome stuff here, I love all everything about your army. I plan on posting pics of my full revamp French army soon.
  11. Fordo

    Computer Game - Napoleon: Total War

    It's been quite brilliant so far, I've been all the French campaigns and battles besides Waterloo, which is tricky. I can't wait to start doing the British, Austrian, Prussian, and Russian campaigns.
  12. Fordo

    Prince of Persia 2010

    7573 seems to be a definite buy for me, it's definitely the pick of the bunch. I hope it's reasonably priced.
  13. Fordo

    My Army (Red Coats).

    Great army you've got they're so far. If your interested in learning how to post thumbnail pictures this tutorial is a great help.
  14. Fordo

    Project Waterloo 1815: 45ème de ligne

    Quite the impressive army you've built up since posting your first Napoleonic minifig, I especially like that flag. I'll definitely follow this tread and can't wait to see you depict the scenes of Waterloo.
  15. Fordo

    Lego 40K!

    I'd also be interested as I collect both. On the 40k side I play Blood Angels, Grey Knights, and Sister's of Battle.