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  1. PSPguy

    Show Your Desktop

    I'm sorry. I already beat it. Want my save?
  2. PSPguy

    Attention all HALO fans!

    But remember ep. 3 was rated PG-13, therefore not for kids.
  3. PSPguy

    Attention all HALO fans!

    Here is a little spoiler: Lego is a toy and toys are aimed for kids.
  4. PSPguy

    Attention all HALO fans!

    The fact of the matter is that Star Wars is NOT ending soon. We still have 4 more years and wh knows after that. And besides what would a Halo line consist of? A buttload of cash size scarab, a tank, and some cars? We get that from city and the tank and scarab is too violent for LEGO.
  5. PSPguy

    Attention all HALO fans!

    Simply, no. It will never happen due to the fact that it is too violent. We already have weapons from Brickarms and helmet and armor molds from Brick Forge. What more do you want? EDIT: Why not make your own?
  6. PSPguy

    Knockoff/Clone/Imitation Brand Pirate Sets

    Fake. Look at the minifigs feet.
  7. PSPguy

    The User Picture Thread

    I have blurred the bad parts of my two Harley Quinn hentai posters and went and blurred the whole "real life" girl poster. For the safety of the little ones.
  8. PSPguy

    When is the Pirate theme coming back?

    Actually no we would'nt have. Look at Star Wars. That's a big theme and we don't know anything about it for next year. As for me. I voted 2009.
  9. PSPguy

    Dart Shooter & Ice cube tray

    Well then I dont think I want to buy something with the name Ice Cube Crap. Sounds like another rip-off.
  10. PSPguy

    Dart Shooter & Ice cube tray

    Does that say crap? Anyways I think this is a sure sign of the return of pirates. Notice how the Pirate font looks like the castle font.
  11. PSPguy

    Vote for the Lego Star Wars set of the year

    Darn you Hinckley!
  12. PSPguy

    Vote for the Lego Star Wars set of the year

    Would you like me to make a poll for you?
  13. PSPguy

    Clone Accessory Storage

    Sorry guys. I forgot to say that when I am playing with the Gunship it usually ends up that one of the Jedi go in the tank so when this happens I take the clone gear out and put it in the empty pilot seat. :-)
  14. PSPguy


    Welcome and remember not to eat the lead based paint chips!!