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  1. Does anyone know which state or location in the US (I'm assuming its in the us because of the architecture) the fictional town of Newbury is supposed to be located in? I haven't seen any official mention of it anywhere. My best guess would be somewhere in New England or possibly California.
  2. BearHeart

    LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    I'm happy with the sets overall. The overall feel is so much different than the very first wave in the Elves line. That one was basically a 'LEGO friends in an alternate universe' with sets like a bakery, spa, workshop, tree house etc with no baddies whereas this one has a lot more conflict elements what with the nets, spears and catapults and clear antagonists. I agree about the dragon, it looks very different than the ones from the previous wave and I'm not sure I like that. I don't know if its supposed to be related to the other dragons or if its a totally new storyline with yet again a dragon coincidently involved . It has the look and feel of the dragons from the fantasy era Castle lines mixed with the Ninjago dragons or for those old enough to remember... the dragons from the Vikings line.
  3. BearHeart

    LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    Yes, I've been checking the Lego news sites daily waiting for the elves sets to pop up. Then I realized that they might not be January release but later in the year. We probably won't see images for a few weeks at least.
  4. BearHeart

    Geralt of Rivia

    Very nice! I've played the Witcher 3 myself as well when it first came out last year. An excellent game for sure.
  5. Wow, excellent post! I completely agree with you about everything. I am a history buff myself and the LEGO castle and pirate themes of my childhood played a large role in my initial interest in history. I was also in a dark age and it was the Vikings theme that eventually brought me back to LEGO as an adult. In regards to the Nexo Knights theme, I was originally apprehensive when I heard/saw it at first but I thought it would eventually grow on me. It hasn't. In fact, as time passes and more sets come out I find them less and less interesting... I don't even bother looking at the newly released sets at all anymore. To me, Nexo Knights, Ninjago and Chima might as well be one big theme because all these themes seem to be just a group of good guys going up against a bunch of baddies with a bunch of crazy, over the top colorful vehicles. At least with Ninjago and Chima there was a few sets here and there that I would cherry pick because they'd fit in with my other castle/pirates stuff. I don't find this with Nexo Knights at all, I bought a few of the 'ultimate (insert name here)" sets but none of the bigger sets appealed to me at all. My biggest fear is that Nexo Knight will just go on and on and on like Ninjago seems to be doing (didn't that theme start in 2011 or something?) which will make a classic castle theme most likely impossible. Instead, I'm just hoping to ride it out and maybe in a year or two a different, more historic or fantasy oriented castle theme will return.
  6. BearHeart

    Fantasy Funnies

    As an avid D&D and fantasy RPG video game player, I really enjoyed these.. good job.
  7. BearHeart

    LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    Gotta admit, this theme has really grown on me. I'm looking forward to seeing final images. I was hoping for more evil looking goblins (similar to the recent collectible minifig one) but I'm keeping an open mind to the multicolored ones.
  8. BearHeart

    Is Pharaoh's Quest worth picking up?

    Yeah, those sets are pretty awesome. I picked up a bunch of them when they were in stores. I still have a few of them unopened including the big pyramid set.
  9. BearHeart

    Future Castle Sets?

    I would love to see a 'real' castle theme be released. Nexo Knights is just a nightmare for me. Anything with traditional/classic castle elements. BTW, does anyone know why the last castle theme was a one off thing? Was it planned that way or was it because it didn't sell well?
  10. Wow, this series is a lot better than I expected. I am not into zombies at all and the preliminary images looked very cartoony and unappealing to me so I was hoping I could save some money by skipping this series. However, looking at this pic I see about 6 or 7 figs that I really like and have to get at least one of... plus multiples of the bigfoot and the 'dementor' ghost.
  11. BearHeart

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Not sure if this is Castle related but the wizard (presumably Gandalf) does suggest something from medieval fantasy.
  12. BearHeart

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    I just got the 'juniors' set. What a bang for your buck! You get a printed wall piece with window, a rare black treasure chest ,a rare gray barrel, a boat, a shark, a new? map tile for just $13 CAD. I will definitely pick another one of these in the future.
  13. BearHeart

    Figbarfs for the win!

    Very nice! I like every single one of these. Who said that mini dolls were completely useless?
  14. BearHeart

    REVIEW: 70752 Jungle Trap

    I just picked this set up today. You get a good assortment of pieces for the price plus some nice figs. I'll definitely get multiples of this set plus the Lava Falls one.
  15. BearHeart

    Future of Wild West

    As someone who went through a dark age when the last Wild West theme was released, I'd love to see a new one released. If the castle 2016 rumor is true then I doubt we'd see one until that theme has run its course so probably 2017 or 2018 at the earliest. As to being politically correct, I believe the wave from the late 90's never had a "Cowboys vs Indians" theme. The main antagonists were bank robbers, outlaws and such while the Native Americans were more of a side faction and weren't really portrayed as being in conflict with anyone (at least that's what I can remember) so I think that would totally fly today as well. BTW, is it just me or is any movie that LEGO gets a license for (apart from Star Wars) ends up flopping while the sets end up being very well done. Ei, Lone Ranger, Prince of Persion, Indiana Jones CS, Speedracer.