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  1. DarkDruid

    Medieval Diorama

    That looks good. I particularly like the marketplace and the sheer amount of detail. (Rats under the bridge!)
  2. DarkDruid

    MOC: Fhloston Paradise

    I like the addition of a TARDIS to the set. It looks amazing!
  3. DarkDruid

    LEGO NASA Sets 2011

    If this is going to be an official set I'm totally getting it. I've always been fascinated by science and Lego. This is just the perfect combination.
  4. DarkDruid

    Dragonfly Stealth Fighter

    That looks really good. I like the overall build and the black with red colour scheme. Nice!
  5. DarkDruid

    The Little Outpost

    This is a really great MOC. I especially like the rock/cave. :)
  6. DarkDruid

    Arachnida crawler

    That looks amazing! I really like the overall design of it. (Though technically an Arachnid has eight legs, not six.)