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    Needs more monorail!
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    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Is that the Keaton Batmobile?
  3. Artanis I

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Was 'pursuit of flight' a rip off from Lego Masters or vice versa?
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    LEGO Masters US Show

    Man, what's with all the cartoon characters in the show? And I'm not even talking about Batman Will Arnett. Is it just par for a 'reality show' course? The Australian version had almost entirely down-to-earth genuine people. Makes it harder for me to watch - I'm only here for the Lego, and there's already not much focus on that. I was also wondering whether this was supposed to be promotion/advertising for Lego or for bad facial cosmetics. All the women had different coloured skin on their face from their neck and collar, and many had like 10kg of makeup piled on top of that. It's cool that they have actual set designers there, as good as Brickman was. Apart from that, they seem to be following the same basic direction as the Aussie series, just with more drama focus. One thing this version has done to really impress is by having a decent freaking MONORAIL in it, and in the first episode no less...
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    Future Castle Sets?

    Minifig Heroica at last
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    Lego: Space - The Comic

    Not an actual news story, but an old comedy sketch that throws to himself 'live'
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Star Wars Episode IX. 3/5, not great, but better than the previous. Now it's all over, Thank The Maker.
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    [Lego Ideas] Wombles Brickheadz

    Inaccurate. Orinoco should be taking '40 winks'. And someone get Bulgaria a copy of today's Times!
  9. Artanis I

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Sick. Legit orange airtanks & torso! (I always change the helmets to the Space 2.0 version) Too bad it's a minifig you need extra books to get multiples of - or pay the flow-on mark-up from buying through Bricklink.
  10. Artanis I

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Looks like there's at least 5 people still on this site with brains, and a lot of tanty children. So TLG removed from Bricklink some things that don't belong on Bricklink. The world ends tomorrow. They aren't individual action figures, they're 'incomplete building sets' with the vehicle's parts removed, your honour.
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    Haha, nice
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    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Looks like Galaxy Squad 70709
  13. Artanis I

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    I believe the comment was about the Overwatch sets that were originally coming out in 'winter' up north, not the completely unrelated 'Winter Village' theme
  14. Artanis I

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    I don't use it much these days in my second dark age but BL has always been perceived by me to be a pretty good catalogue of Lego parts, sets & minifigs, and a marketplace to purchase those things used or as new from other Lego enthusiasts. Anything else belongs elsewhere.
  15. Artanis I

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    I fail to see how people are afraid of licenced parts/sets whatever being removed. All sellers on BL are RE-SELLERS of previously existing items, no one is PRODUCING ITEMS, no one is even a RETAILER. TLG paid the fee already, and anyone can re-sell anything of physical property. When you listed your old Hulk pyjamas on eBay did Disney demand a cut? Or send a cease-and-desist? And if they did it would be illegal.
  16. Artanis I

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Holy shit, Batman! There are many possible implications here. I think everyone has covered all of the points by now.
  17. I must've been the only person who used the different colours to signify rank. Not just Space, but also Castle and Pirates (epaulettes & plumes). Typically whatever was the most rare was of the higher rank. For Classic, blue was my most common minifig, so they were the grunts. Then yellow, red, white & black. Now green & pink complicate things... For Futuron it was yellow, followed by blue, black & red. Now there's the green that doesn't quite match. For Castle it was red plumes, then yellow, blue, black/white depending on faction. For Pirates, red was most common on blue-coats, blue most common on red-coats. After that it was yellow, then brown, black/white depending. Most other Space factions had the same coloured uniform so rank was represented by other differences or by adding epaulettes.
  18. Artanis I

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Toronto has a subway? Now we know.
  19. People used to complain about it a lot, hence why the admins edited the swear filter to replace it
  20. Artanis I

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Photograph it next to known colours for comparison. Where did you get it? Obviously not from a set. Is it an older part (ie 15+ years)?
  21. Artanis I

    Bricklink questions

    Did you reply via email or Bricklink message system? Some sellers (especially high volume ones) on ebay/Bricklink etc exclusively use the built-in message system for communication because important emails can get lost in the crowd of the unimportant multitudes. I always send communications via the message system. If this is what you did then the BL staff can see that, and be on your side.
  22. Artanis I

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    In the buy/sell forum there's one specifically for UK I believe
  23. Artanis I

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    There are a few threads on this site about "de-yellowing" if you want to search for more information and experiences
  24. Artanis I

    MOC Starcraft Battlecruiser

    Looks terrific, that's the smallest one I've seen. Usually they're much bigger to try to get the accurate shape, so this one is better. Has it researched Yamato Cannon?
  25. Artanis I

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    How can you omit his face?!? Otherwise it's just a train.