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  1. Eichhorn

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Man, that video is hard to watch. :) I recently built a lot of jeracs models and the x-wing is by far the most challenging of the ones i have experience with. But after building and rebuilding it a bunch (did some tinkering with the color scheme), for me the difficulty lies in some areas being hard to reach into and apply the necassary force to assemble things. The wedgeplate sub assembly at the bottom was hard for me too, but nowhere near enough to make me reach for glue. All in all I can only second jeracs position: with a model that packs as much detail into as small a space as this one does, there will be tradeoffs in stability. For me the x-wing is as close to perfectly balanced in that regard as you could reasonably ask.
  2. Eichhorn

    A wing of A-Wings

    The dent is there because I needed space to put a hingebrick beneath the modified tile that holds the front gears cover, so the longer droidarms will fit. When I looked at the sourcematerial I realized there is a dent there anyway, albeit a way more subtle one. The area between the rear landing gears is a plate higher, so the supports for holding the gear at the 45 degree angle will fit beneath it, this also allowed to make it 3 bars instead of 4. All in all I like it, but I defineatly debatted these changes, because the take from the wonderful sleakness of your original design. For me it‘s worth it though.
  3. Eichhorn

    A wing of A-Wings

    I feel you when it comes to helmets. Seems to be the number one "complaint" you get. I got it to fit, just need to raise the minifigs arms a bit more or remove the headrest like I said. Got the screwdriver placement from your description. Another ingeniious technique. I finally managed to take some photos of the finished model. I went ahead and voided my warranty though, because the landing gear (especially the front one) bothered me a bit. When I changed that I had to change the rear one aswell, so I went ahead and remodelled the rear bottomsection, the cockpit and changed a few markings on the top. Gonna built the Tie Advanced next ;) Parts are ordered.
  4. Eichhorn

    A wing of A-Wings

    I just finished building the green version of the R22 and I must say the building experience blew me away. The design is extremly ingenious and I had several moments where I had a big dumb smile on my face when putting sub assemblies into place. Kudos to you Jerac! Had to substitite some parts forthe time beeing because I am still waiting on that last BL-order. I have some questions I would be glad to have answered. On the pictures in the thread I saw that you used yellow clips to hold the black pieces in the cannon bay of the dark green version, in the instrictions the clips are just grey. I looked but couldn‘t find pictures of the source material to help medecide which color is more accurate. Can you tell me anything about that choice? There is a step in the intsructions where it shows two black minifig screwdrivers, I can‘t for the life of me figure out where they should go. Lastly I had a bit of trouble placing a minifig with this helmet on. Only could make it fit comforttably, when removing the headrest 1x2 tile. Did I miss somerhing or ist it just a thight fit. Thanks again for designing that awesome model.
  5. Eichhorn

    (MOC) Midi Slave I

    Hi there, bzw. Hallo ;) /german: hab zufällig deinen Post gesehen, bin nicht mehr allzu regelmäßig im Forum unterwegs.Hab gerade meine Festplatte durchwühlt und die Datei gefunden. Wenn du noch Interesse hast, hier ist die lxf. /endgerman: managed to dig up the lxf. It´s relativly up to date worked on the grebbling in the back a bit more, but construction-wise it should do. Sorry for necro-ing the thread, but I tried pm-ing couldn't due to him being not able to get pms. regards -Eich Midi_Slave1_2016.lxf
  6. Thanks for all the Feedback. I really appriciate it. @Darth Dino: I deliberatly chose the uniform colorscheme due to the stylized look of the bridge. I could've used Darktan and such in the LDD-model but I tried to keep it buildable in real bricks. I will update the OP with pictures of the brickbuilt-version as soon as I manage to take a good photo.
  7. A Bridge rebuilt After gathering dust on my shelf for some time I finally decided to redo my Lego Brooklyn Bridge. I decided the redesign was darmatic enough to warrant it's own topic. If you are interested here is a link to the previous version which I would now merely call a sketch for the new bridge. This project started out of my love for the iconic Bridge. Altough I am from Austria and have not set foot on the actual Brooklyn Bridge (yet) I developed a serious fascination for the iconic landmark after reading the book "The Great Bridge" . After countless passes of revisions on the original brickbuilt model and even more versions of the Bridge in LDD, I finally arrived at what I consider to be the ultimate rendition of New York City's oldest suspensionbridge in a scale that makes it a great model for displaypurposes. I bhave the bridge built in real bricks, but I'm still working on a light-setup that let#s me take prober pictures of the model. But a picture says mor than a thousand words, so without further ado... Some details about the model: Scale: 1/650 Length: 85 studs Height: 13 bricks 2 plates Width: 5 studs Pieces used: ~850 For some more Information you can check out the Cuusoo-page I made for the model: http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/690 Edit 02/02/2014: Added photo: towerexploded
  8. Eichhorn

    MOC: Brooklyn Bridge MIDI Scale

    I guess darktan would be the right colour. Problem is there are not all parts available in dktan or tan. I think darkbley looks ok tough, gives the bridge that wheatered look.
  9. I've been building this on and off for a year or so. The first studies were done in LDD before I switched to real bricks. My objective was to render the iconic landmark in the smallest scale possible, while still keeping it detailed enough to be easily recognisable. A year and quite a few BL-orders after the idea took shape I present you the finished MIDI-scale Brooklyn Bridge. The finished model is 78 studs long 49 plates high and 5 studs wide. And yes there are about 160 minifig-hammers in the model.
  10. Eichhorn

    What's your latest acquisition?

    Got a Medievil Market Place. Was 20%off, I had some Coupons...paid 50€. I'm just amazed about how got this set actually is, just totally perfect.
  11. Eichhorn

    UCS NU-class Republic Attack Shuttle

    Just totally amazing! So big, so detailed, sooo awesome.... I just love your UCS-style.
  12. Hmmkay... rough and quick translation: You plays as a character with individual strenghts and weaknesses. You have a backbag where your weapons are stored. You obtain new weapons by collecting gold and buying them. You also collect and buy poitions to upgrade your character. There are locked door which need keys to be unlocked...and yes you also collect keys. And you obviously fight monster in this game. Sadly there is no info on how fighting is actually handled in the video. Why the girl keeps comparing Heroica to Videogames instead of DSA or D&D which are clearly more similiar to this, is beyond me.
  13. Eichhorn

    [MOC] Luke's Landspeeder

    Absolutely amazing! Love the colors (I'm a sucker for dk-tan) the SNOT and especially the damaged engine. Just an all in all wonderful build!
  14. Eichhorn

    (MOC) Midi Slave I

    Okay...this took longer than expected, but here's my updated Midi Slave 1. It's quite different compared to my earlier version, tough I mainly made cosmetic changes and left the core structure untouched.More details on my flickr. Enough prep-talk. Here we go: For anyone interested in building one here is the LDD-file. Sandred and green are quite expensive, but fortunatly you won't need that many.
  15. Register at eurobricks after lurking for a month or two: CHECK. Post my first MOC here: CHECK. Chose an avatarpic: CHECK. Enter something in a contest on eurobricks: .....................CHECK! In other words I just entered my first contest ;). Great stuff in there guys. The best of luck to all of you.