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  1. riversarl

    Official Lego Movie

    He has "additional story material" credits on Wreck-It Ralph, but the film was written by Rich Moore (the director) with Phil Johnston and Jim Reardon.
  2. riversarl

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    Which I would be TOTALLY ok with. I mean, just LOOK at it!
  3. riversarl

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    Look at how the top thrusters are attached stud to stud using a 2x2 jumper and the new round tile with hole!
  4. riversarl

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    Whoops, I MEANT time cruisers :) I love the Time Twisters Time Train!
  5. riversarl

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    These look great! Unlike Time Twisters there appears to be a unifying theme for a lot of the sets - build a 'normal' vehicle and a battle vehicle from the same boxed set - which fits right in with the creativity theme of the movie. Although somewhat ironically instructions are probably provided: a purist Lego Movie set would just be a bucket full of random pieces!
  6. The review is back up, and is also probably the worst review I've ever seen on fbtb. Biased, incredibly nitpicky and missing the point about the time circuits. C.mon, the bumper is light light grey, and white is a fine substitute...
  7. riversarl

    Official Lego Movie

    I remember reading that Nick Offerman will be playing a pirate captain.
  8. January 28 1958 was when the Lego stud and tube system was patented
  9. riversarl

    Official Lego Movie

    Have you seen Chris Pratt in Parks and Rec? "Dumb, clueless guy" is a pretty apt description of his character Andy (at least on the surface), but his performance really makes Andy an amazing, nuanced character. Casting should work out fine!
  10. Seems almost identical to the preliminary build, stepped hood and all Although judging from the announcement vid there's still hope for figures! The 7-wide construction of the front of the car is really interesting; this is probably the first time an official product has been built at this scale.
  11. riversarl

    Official Lego Movie

    The look. Gods, the look is perfect! I LOVE the subtle touches like dust collecting around the waist joint of the classic spaceman. "Henry Selick kidnapped by Michael Bay and forced to make a stop-motion Lego movie in CGI" is an apt description! I'm a big fan of all of their previous work (from Clone High to 21 Jump St), but If Phil Lord and Chris Miller can pull this off they'd be the kings of turning questionable projects into fried gold. EDIT: Lego Lincoln!!
  12. riversarl

    Vote for your favourite Category 8A entries

    14) Conquistador Entry (Build by vecchiasignoraceppo) - 1 point 18) Alien Villainess Entry (Build by Minoton) - 1 point 26) Businessman Entry (Build by Mr Bill) - 1 point
  13. riversarl

    Vote for your favourite Category 9A entries

    4) Mr Good and Evil Entry (Build by Yatkuu) - 1 point 7) Cyclops Entry (Build by Plissken) - 1 point 26) Hollywood Starlet Entry (Build by vecchiasignoraceppo) - 1 point
  14. riversarl

    Vote for your favourite Category 7A entries

    2) Grandma's Visitor Entry (Build by sgeureka) - 1 point 18) Bunny Suit Guy Entry (Build by genecyst) - 1point 19) Ocean King Entry (Build by badgogo) - 1point
  15. riversarl

    Press Release 10237 - Tower of Orthanc

    So much detail for a great pricepoint! The question is... how is anyone going to display it :P? It has to be the tallest official set ever!