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  3. Mini Loaders Team Hi all! Today I present you my the work to the competition. Due to limitations in detail i have the idea to create a miniature models, which would have many functions. So I turned to the large officialy sets with many features. Of the many options, I chose a set 8258 and the alternative model of 8071 set. But what will happen the third model, I thought? And remember thar 8258 have a saddle for trailer. So a third model was trailer. As you know, I decided to do mini-copies of two sets and trailer. I would also like to model different from each other in color and had a special function. First I decided to do the heaviest model - up 8285. And I was able to replicate almost all the features such as: - Steerinh by HOG - Rear outriggers - Turning the tap - Tap decomposition in two stages - Winch on crane - Lock unwinding winch Then, I made a trailer. It was the easiest task. Only two functions - sliding outriggers and cargo :) Finally, the work has come down to the last model. I had to think about how to make it compact. The construction took 2 days. I have kept most of the features of the original, but made ​​some changes. Options: - Control all the wheels - Raising / lowering the boom - Telescopic boom - Control the angle of inclination of the fork More photo here: http://vk.com/album75824767_183349403 And... some funny video :) Good luck!