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  1. Diidy

    [MOC] Drunk monk

    Hi all, today I finished this little vignette. Hope you'll like it. Full sized image
  2. Diidy

    The Incident in the Library

    Thank you for positive reactions, I'm glad you like my MOC. :)
  3. Hi all, this is my entry for CCCX, category Center of Learning. In monastery library rats became overpopulated. One of the monk acted kinda overreact. I hope you'll like this MOC. Full size Full size
  4. Diidy

    MOC Arrow 373i

    Thank you. This Part from old dino set.
  5. Diidy

    MOC Arrow 373i

    Thank you for your comments. Round sections represent shield emitters.
  6. Diidy

    MOC Arrow 373i

    Hi guys, after some time I decided to build a space ship. Well, the result is better than I expected. Hope you'll like it.
  7. Diidy

    MOC Medieval life

    Thank you, for positive reactions. About jester thing, I don't like jesters and clowns since I was a little kid, they freaked me out. So, everytime, I can punish jester in my MOC, I do it. Like here
  8. Diidy

    MOC Medieval life

    Thank you for all comments! Medieval Clothes were corolful. Two colored trousers was pretty normal. Look here
  9. Diidy

    MOC Medieval life

    Hi all, I want to present here my newest MOC. This is the biggest thing I've ever made. (I know, it's still pretty small ) You can see here lots of things and activities. I hope you'll like it.
  10. Hi all here is my entry. Bank robbery Minifigure: Bandit Theme: Western Hope you'll like it.
  11. Diidy

    Just a regular gate

    Thank you guys, here is a picture how it actually looks. (I´m sorry for bad photo quality)
  12. It´s just a regular gate... wait what? If you look closely, you´ll realize something is wrong. I hope you´ll like this optical illusion. For bigger pic visit my Flickr
  13. Diidy

    Hunters Log Cabin

    Thank you.
  14. Diidy

    Hunters Log Cabin

    Thank you. It´s yellow little antenne.
  15. Diidy

    Hunters Log Cabin

    Hi guys, here is my next MOC it´s called Hunters Log Cabin I hope, you´ll like it. More pics HERE