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  1. Proper round parts would be nice, rather than seeing flat sides around a wheel, they would be showing true roundness, would make rendering with povray images more realistic
  2. Seluryar

    Official Lego Movie

    Spaceship! spaceship! SPACESHIP!!! got my copy on Tuesday and loved it that night
  3. Here is something Ive been working on for the past few days: Is there any way to add multiple light sources to the render process? i would particularly like to add lighting to the interior of the hangar to bring some light into there, perhaps from a different color of light.
  4. I was playing around with the custom decoration tab in the converter program: Image
  5. I was poking around in another topic and found this post: I would like to know how to just add the mirrored texture to the base plane, and perhaps learn at a later time add ceilings
  6. The problem I am having is rotating something thats hinged that is moving, but at the same time, the rest of the model that it is connected to is moving. In the video, you can see the dump box thingy rotating to spill contents over the side of the trailer, but at the same time, the rear of the truck lifts upwards and tilts the whole model slightly to the side. Is there any fix to this?
  7. Hello fellow NE Ohioan! Great stuff!
  8. Seluryar

    MOD/MOC of 7744 Police Station - A work in progress

    I have an idea that you could use in place of that huge globe and the other CCTV camera you posted in the entrance. Would be used like this: The same could be done with one of these: But you would need to paint or Sharpie one black It would give an appearance like this security camera and give you more wall space:
  9. Seluryar

    [LDD MOC] Twinstar 38 Airliner

    Thanks for all the kind replies! :) Hello, I used level of detail: Original geometry+Visible bevels Radiosity: Custom Right Light: 10% Left Light: 11% Top Light: 11% Did not change shadow, Rendering tab: Create .ini Width: 1920 Height: 1080 Povray anti aliasing: method 1, didnt change any of the sliders Full quality Rendering time took almost 24 hours I have a 6 core AMD 1100T running at factory 3.3ghz, which povray will max out all cores, but still let me browse internets, I have to disable screensaver when i do this, and I try not to watch any videos on my hard drive or youtube as I get video stuttering with those.
  10. Seluryar

    [LDD MOC] Twinstar 38 Airliner

    here is the extened version called the Twinstar 48: Dnomyar Twinstar 48 by Seluryar, on Flickr
  11. Did you try keeping the converter running while you use povray?
  12. Seluryar

    [LDD MOC] Twinstar 38 Airliner

    Dnomyar Twinstar-38 by Seluryar, on Flickr Made in Lego Digital Designer and rendered in Povray. Click on image for larger version. Enjoy!
  13. Can you have more than one command in that text field? I already have Library_Path="\\.\LDDIncludes" in there
  14. Is there anything i can do for a render thats stuck at 99%? If it helps me find out why its taking so long, its been stuck at rendered 2072576 of 2073600 pixels (99%)
  15. I only see 1.2.5 on the ldd tools website, unless you meant that the next version will come out soon :)