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  1. Jjsthekid

    City 2010

    Thanks for those Pics! Public City Transport looks even cooler now. Also guys, The Exclusive TRU Truck is on The Toys R Us Website : http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4057240 I apologize if that has been mentioned already (Since I haven't been that active here in a while).
  2. Jjsthekid

    Atlantis 2010

    Well, I just recently got Deep Sea Striker and The Atlantis Exploration HQ a few weeks ago. I must say, they are both quite nice sets and I will try to get a review for Deep Sea Striker up later today. However, I liked the Exploration HQ more.
  3. Hey guys, sorry for not being active in a while, but I have been stumped with school work and had a bad tooth ache. New reviews coming soon.

  4. Jjsthekid

    Power Miners 2010

    Yeah, it stinks that PM is ending so soon. Oh well, it was a nice theme while it lasted. I agree that it would be great if we had 1 more set which was a big exclusive set, but i doubt it.
  5. Jjsthekid

    City 2010

    The New Farmer Impulse set is now on Shop At Home : http://shop.lego.com/ByTheme/Product.aspx?...;cn=553&d=9
  6. Thanks for indexing it. Thanks and yeah, those Zamor Spheres are tan. I'm not sure what I will review next yet, but You'll see.
  7. Jjsthekid

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Can I Join too please? I have written some reviews, but I could use some help.
  8. My bad then. Thanks for pointing that out. But It doesn't really worry me since it still works fine anyways. Thanks for all the comments guys.
  9. Ah thanks. I didn't play with BIONICLE that much, so I wouldn't know. Actually, that is the correct way to build the rollcage, but thanks anyways.
  10. Here is another review by yours truly (Jeez, I am reviewing sets like Thunder. ). I'm going to review The World Racers set : Desert of Destruction. This is one of the biggest sets I have reviewed so far, so there will be alot of pictures. Onto the review : Name : 8864 Desert of Destruction Theme : World Racers Minifigs : 8 Pieces : 961 Let's start with the front box (Sorry guys, my camera wouldn't let me fit the whole box) : Back of the box (Explains what is inside of the Pitstop Truck) : Side view of the Box (It's a tug-o-war Match between Team X-Treme and Backyard Blasters) : Now, let's move onto the figures. Here is Team X-Treme Daredevil's Crew. We have, REX-Treme, MAX-treme (I didn't make up these names, they are on the descriptions of the sets), and 3 pitstop members. Oh and you gotta love those Lime Green Caps : Here is their back heads. Only 1 Pitstop member has a back face. Why he is the only pitstop Member with a back face is beyond me, but perhaps he is a subsitute if one of the racers gets hurt. That's my guess, but then again, he does operate the crane in the truck : Here is Team Backyard Blaster's Crew. They are very outnumbered however. They are, Bart Blaster and Bubba Blaster (I posted these names in the World Racers topic and what they look like, so look there for more info) : Their Back heads : Here is the ref. Unlike the one from Gator Swamp, he doesn't seem to happy. Perhaps He is mad that he is out in a burning hot desert with loud Motors. Oh and he doesn't have a back head expression : Here is the Trophy stand. It is somewhat similar to the one in Snake Canyon. You don't build this untill the last bag, but still, It's something neat that In my opinion, should have been build first. The Trophy has a picture of a Desert on it : Now, I'm going to go out of order a bit here, but here are the Instruction Booklets (1 is for the Trucks, 2 is for the pitstop Truck and 3 is for the rest of the Pitstop Truck and Trophy stand) : Random Instruction Page (Also, there is a gold Mine of stickers in this set.. ) : Now, let's move onto the trucks. Here is Team X-Treme Daredevil's Truck : Side View. Also, you are probably wondering why those smaller wheels don't match with the bigger ones. They are from the pitstop truck, but I'll get to that later : Another Side View : Back View. Believe it or not, but you can change the engines with the Pitstop Truck Crane! That engine is from the pitstop as well. I'll get to that later though : Now, let's move onto Team Backyard Blaster's Truck. I'm surprised they reused the Zurg Blaster from Construct-A-Zurg so early, since it only came out a few months ago. Oh well, that adds the fun to it : Side View : Another Side View : Back View (There is a control pannel in front of Bart Blaster and yes, it was a Sticker) : Oh and speaking of Zurg's Blaster.. (It had to be done. ) : Now, let's move onto the Pitstop Truck! I had to take pictures of the truck seperatly due to how Big My Camera takes the pictures. Here is the front of the truck : Side View : Another Side View (I love How they have Team X-Treme's logo on the roof) : Back View (I like that little lamp thing and The Truck has this little brown pole that connects with that hole in the back) : Here is the inside of the Driver seat : Now to move onto the next section of the Truck : The Pitstop. Here is the front of it, which has a Worker controlling a classic old missle launcher : Here is a side view (I did say there was alot of stickers, but I must say, I did like some of them) : Another Side View : Here is the inside of the Pitstop. Here are the items from left to right : A Nitro Fuel Tank, A Back-Up Engine, and A Table with tools. And the tires there actually go onto X-Treme's truck and the others go there : Here is a close-up of the crane (Oh and that bag isn't mine) : Team X-Treme comes to the pitstop and gets ready to get their Truck fixed. The Crane Operator picks up the back-up engine and they take the old one out and put the new one in (I love this feature!) : There new engine has been put in (The one that was in before is actually the back-up engine, but I just wanted to mix it around) : The Crane operator then puts in some new wheels : To finish off this nice Truck, here is a back view : They are now in a heated match..Who Will win? : ------------- Minifigures- 5/5 : Excellent Figures! Would have been nice though if there was 1 more figure, like a pitstop member for Team Backyard Blasters though. But I do love those Green caps and the Pitstop members themselves. Also, Bubba blaster is now my favorite character. The Parts- 4/5 : Not much really interesting here, although that Nitro engine was pretty nice. Again, there were alot of stickers, but I admit, I actually somewhat liked them. I didn't really recall any new pieces. But It was also nice they brought back the Zurg Blaster. The Trucks- 5/5 : The Trucks are awesome! I love how you can change the engine for Team X-Treme's and Team Backyard Blaster's ball launcher. It would have been nice if they had a Pitstop for Backyard Blasters as well, but that would make it longer and raise the price more. Overall- 9/10 : It's the biggest and probably the greatest set out of the World Racers theme so far. But again, it would have been nice if Backyard Blaster's had a pitstop as well. Maybe next year if they are still around, we will see their Pitstop but I'm not getting my hopes up. Lots of play features and I'm sure little kids will love to bash the trucks around and shoot missles. It can get a little boring, but still can be fun if you add some stuff on it (Like How I added another Ball Launcher onto Blaster's Truck from earlier). I would recommend this set and it is not bad. Well, that is all. Hope you enjoyed!
  11. Jjsthekid

    Space Police 2010

    Undercover Cruiser has now been added to Shop @ Home : Undercover Cruiser So yeah, all 3 Summer sets are on Shop @ Home now. No updates for the Space Police site yet.
  12. Jjsthekid

    World Racers Summer 2010

    The World Racers site has now been added on Lego.com : http://worldracers.lego.com/en-US/default.aspx
  13. Jjsthekid

    REVIEW: 5984 - Lunar Limo

    Nice Review! I admit, your review is better than mine. I love the picture at the end.
  14. Jjsthekid

    World Racers Summer 2010

    Sorry if this has been mentioned already, but the Team Member's names have been revealed (From Descriptions of the sets) : Team X-Treme Daredevil's Members : DEX-treme is the guy with the Red and Green glasses. MAX-treme is the guy the Red scarf and Red glasses. REX-treme is the guy with the serious/mad face. Team Backyard Blaster's Members : Bubba Blaster is the Grumpy member who is kinda fat (No Offense to him ). Bart Blaster is the guy with the Sideburns and has an angry face. Billy Bob Blaster is the guy with the Glass Red eye. Not bad names.
  15. Jjsthekid

    World Racers Summer 2010

    Yep. $30 for US and Europe. $40 for Canadians. Hope that helped.