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  1. pietje

    Duvel Collection Contest

    Hey Guys, I have draw a design for the Duvel Collection Contest, It's a contest for the new design glasses for 2011 I started today with the contest, but the first votes where given 3 weeks ago, so I need a lot of vote's to come closer to the entries from 3 weeks ago. So if you like my drawing, please help me, and vote here: Vote! :) Thank you, Piet. PS: since a couple of weeks i'm back from my dark ages,and I'm bulding a trainstation, I will post some pictures soon
  2. pietje

    Review: 7597 Western Train Chase

    Nice set! and no stickers hope Lego wil do this in more themes in the future
  3. pietje

    VOTE OFF for the Pimp your IMTP ship contest

    Because all o his ship is very good, I have vote for Bonaparte
  4. pietje

    Eurobricks Neighborhood Contest Poll

    Sorry, I think I need to go to an optician. Special change in the stands, I'm go from 1 to 3 :-$ And now Johnny War is the best 8-| Well done X-D
  5. pietje

    Eurobricks Neighborhood Contest Poll

    Is the new voting for the sixth first ones or only for that ones who have 10 points, because in the first I will vote fore Al Freddo, but in the second I will vote for 007, I think its most fair to give all the first sixth ones a chance. And lets Al Freddo win! *y* (or me :-$ )
  6. pietje

    Eurobricks Neighborhood Contest Poll

    If that's right, Al Freddo have to win, he's the best for me. But it looks like that I'm going to win the contest X-D, thanks to all who vote for me, and I'm happy that you like my house *y*
  7. pietje

    Dwarven Balloon MOC.

    I like this balloon, he let me thinks of that one from the adventures, the plane helmet looks great on the dwarf, and I like the beautiful dark blue color and the stairs. well done *y*
  8. pietje

    EB Neighborhood Contest "Entry"

    I like the idea of a tree growing in a window, and you have done it very nice. The bird is beautiful too. *y*
  9. pietje

    My MOC pharos

    Well done, I like the blue white colour scheme, and the round stairs and LED light are cool to *y*
  10. pietje

    Battle Packs?

    Cool, I like the crownies, a dwarfs battle pack should be very cool X-D
  11. pietje

    Knights Catapult MoC

    Well,great work every thin I don't like on the real set, that you have very good modified :'-)
  12. pietje

    Knights Catapult MoC

    Well,great work every thin I don't like on the real set, that you have very good modified :'-)
  13. pietje

    Favorite Wild West Set

    I like the gold city junction because its not a very big set with 2 houses and lots of details an mini-figs, I like the combination with the sheriff and other sets *y* *y*
  14. The most stuf I sort by color. doors/windows, trees, basicbricks etc are sort by catagory. very big pieces are sort in tree catogorys: Jack Stone(and other ulo's), basic paltes and others like trains/animals etc. some pieces are sortet by theme: minifigs, and printed things etc.
  15. pietje

    Eurobricks Neighborhood Contest

    I think this is better than you first one, Nice MOC, and I like how you use that round piece on the hut.