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  1. neoconagenda

    Maintenance of UCS sets

    Cleaning options above are all great. I used the soap and water technique for the canopy decal.
  2. neoconagenda

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Had something posted but I removed it
  3. neoconagenda

    Flooded Collection

    Back from the dead post... I just wanted to let everyone know that I appreciate all of your support. I ended up selling the sw stuff to a guy in Dallas with a resale shop Technic stuff went to the northeast where a father and two sons will give it a go. As for me I have three sets now but don't feel sad. I am currently working on the new taj and both mf's. Will post pics when done. Thanks again.
  4. In stock at Lego S@H
  5. Ebay listings for my entire collection is now active. All information can be found in the listings. Star Wars - Technic -
  6. neoconagenda

    Flooded Collection

    I have finally listed everything. Technic - Star Wars -
  7. neoconagenda

    Selling an entire SW and Technic collection

    I am going to list the SW with a starting price of $2750 and the Technic at $800. I will post the listings once they are active.
  8. I have lost a collection due to flooding. The background information can be found here - The issue I am having is with pricing. I know I am selling as bulk but this is really bulk sets and not bulk parts. I need to know where I should set the reserve price. I am thinking of around .08 per piece. Below is a list of my sets. I will ship overseas but it will be expensive. I shipped one set to my nephew in Sweden and it was $75... This is not going to be easy but it is a great opprotunity for a collector and a great parts hoard for the MOC builder. Set Number Name Piece ct 10227-1 B-Wing 1485 10143-1 DS 2 3460 10186-1 General Grievous 1084 10174-1 AT-ST 1070 10212-1 Imp Shuttle 2502 10030-1 ISD 3115 10026-1 Naboo SF 187 10215-1 Obi-Wan JSF 675 10225-1 R2-D2 2130 10019-1 Blockade Runner 1747 10129-1 Snowspeeder 1456 10240-1 Red Five 1573 75059-1 Sand Crawler 3294 75060-1 Slave 1 1994 75144-1 Snowspeeder 2 1702 10221-1 SSD 3151 7181-1 TIE Interceptor 702 75095-1 TIE Fighter 1683 10175-1 TIE Advance 1211 7191-1 X-Wing Fighter 1302 10134-1 Y-Wing Fighter 1489 Set Number Name Piece ct 9398-1 4x4 Crawler 1326 42042-1 Crawler Crane 1399 70814-1 Emmets constr 705 42006-1 Excavator 719 42043-1 MB Arocs 2792 42009-1 MK II Crane 2606 8043-1 Moto Exvtr with Mod 1124 42030-1 Volvo loader 1634 76023-1 Tumbler 1866
  9. neoconagenda

    Flooded Collection

    All the instructions and boxes are gone. As of now the stickers on the sets are holding up. I have not washed and rinsed them yet. I appreciate all of the well wishes from people. Thank you!
  10. neoconagenda

    Flooded Collection

    I am looking at it as fate reducing the size of my collection. I was never going to downsize and the sets keep coming. I will hopefully get enough money out of the sale to get a proper display case for what I have left and buy the new MF. The real bummer is that whoever buys the technic sets will have to replace the motors. This is not going to be a purchase for the faint of heart. There will be a crap ton of sorting. When I get a chance I need to get on my rebrickable account and get a good part count.
  11. neoconagenda

    Flooded Collection

    I am probably going to start an auction at 1/3 or 1/4 bricklink value. But that is weeks away.
  12. neoconagenda

    Flooded Collection

    I guess I could have been more descriptive. These sets were all broken up on the floor. The water swirling around mixed everything up. Trust me this is not the way I wanted to do this but I have no time to sort 25,000 or so pieces. This is a really crap way to do this and that am sorry that it is going cut out people with more direct needs. You can always sort them out and sale what you don't need. I just don't have the heart to go through what was once a great collection and piece out my joy. I would rather rip it off like a bandage and deal with it all at once.
  13. neoconagenda

    Flooded Collection

    I am only going to offer them as a lot of SW and Technic. They will not be sorted by set. As such they will be offered at a significant discount. The only guarantee that I will make is that each set will be complete or very close (all rare parts WILL be included). I have not decided on how to price this yet so any suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. neoconagenda

    Flooded Collection

    I have decided to let go of the bulk of my collection. Basically everything below is the top shelf in the earlier post will go. I am not going to sort anything except by technic and sw. Basically it is going to be a couple of big boxes with multiple partially broken down sets. I am happy with my decision to let them go and appreciate any suggestions you may have on fair price. I am willing to ship overseas. I am not ready to sale anything yet. I need to sanitize and repackage them.
  15. neoconagenda

    Flooded Collection

    I went to my daughters house and to my surprise the 10179 was safe on the top shelf of a closet. I had it shipped to her house since I was not home for the delivery. Had I been home it would have been lost. Still not able to get to my house but this is nice!