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  1. pif500

    Middle Earth Contest entry thread.

    MEC Category B : The Age of Men : http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=101985
  2. The elves are gone ... The Age of Men by pif500, on Flickr
  3. pif500

    Game of Thrones characters

    Here is a new character, the Hound :
  4. pif500

    Game of Thrones characters

    It's just a generic lannister soldier, the Mountain is taller ;) Thanks all for the kind comments
  5. Here is the first character of a Game of Thrones eerie, I'll add the next figures in this topic The Hound is coming soon
  6. Yes, it's another a-team camper, i've finished it Tuesday but I was too lazy to take a pic. And someone posted one before me :/
  7. pif500

    Mr Mietek

    Every part of this moc is an NPU, and the result is awesome! Nice job!
  8. pif500

    Junkyard Boxing Robot

    a Real Steel inspired bot C&C welcome
  9. pif500

    [MOC] WarBot

    Just a quick build to use bionicle parts.
  10. pif500

    [MOC] The legend of St. Nicolas

    Here is a tutorial for the donkey: Enjoy!
  11. pif500

    [MOC] The legend of St. Nicolas

    Thanks for the kind comments!
  12. My entry for L13 "Lorraine" on Brickpirate Forum Thank you to TheBrickAvenger to let me use his house design. It's a legend from my region, the Lorraine, I will make a backstory soon. C&C welcome
  13. pif500

    [MOC] The Mockingbird

    An entry to Vapourlypse Contest on flickr: Before the destruction of the SteamCore, the military Sector of Waylend Inc. designed the Mockingbird, an innovative airship which is very nimble between the floating rocks. The Imperial Army refused it and was solded in the civil market. After the destruction of the SteamCore, the few which was in stores were solded in a few hours. One of the five remaining factories was dedicated to produce mockingbirds to restart the activity. But the plan did't work and the company failed. C&C always welcome and excuse the bad english :/
  14. Here is a steampunk version of iron man:
  15. pif500

    Gandalf at Weathertop

    Thanks for the kind coms The lapmpa are http://www.pearl.fr/photo/accessoires/eclairage/2-spots-photo-lumiere-du-jour-5400-k_NC1020.html and the tent http://www.pearl.fr/photo/accessoires/studios-photo/tente-a-photo--grand-modele_PE3413.html I placed the two lamps on the right and the left of the tent