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  1. Renthicya

    71006 The Simpsons House (Press Release)

    Finally, a complete house with a back side, not just a half one! Might start to buy LEGO again.
  2. Renthicya

    Contest: EB is Down

    There are some nice ones:) My votes: 5. gid617 - 2 points 13. Legonardo Davidy - 1 points
  3. 5. AllanSmith - 1 6. watzking - 2 27. Myko - 2
  4. 1. L-space - 1 6. lego_legis_legere - 1 11. mObby - 3
  5. 1. George G. - 2 10. CarsonBrick - 2 13. Inconspicuous - 1
  6. Renthicya

    The Old Lifeboat Station

    If I had to name the two best MOC builder of all LEGO history, I'd say Derfel Cadarn... twice! That's how awesome he is!
  7. Renthicya

    Ninjago 2012

    Ninjago is the new Time Travellers series, they just threw together a bunch of different themes and pieces.. the only difference that the time travellers were cool.
  8. Renthicya

    10224 Town Hall

    Really nice! So many little, practical details, and of course, a complete back of the house! 5*, instant buy.
  9. Renthicya

    BrickArms 2012: M16 Variants and M110 Sniper Rifle

    Yeah, that would be tricky.. perhaps it should have an inserted hole shaped like the hand of the minifigs at the inner side of the weapon... kinda like the one at the bottom of parrots.
  10. Renthicya

    BrickArms 2012: M16 Variants and M110 Sniper Rifle

    Nice! I'd like to see some P90s finally, so I can start working on my Stargate diorama.
  11. Renthicya

    New modular building? 10224 Town Hall

    Wait, does this building have a backside, like it used to be several decades ago????
  12. Renthicya

    Eurobricks: Strategic change!

    My theme hasn't changed to the "new one", remained the same, even after total refresh:( Missed the main part of the joke:(
  13. Renthicya

    2011 Kingdoms + US prices

    Oh, my god, the first set is extreme! First day buy!
  14. Renthicya

    MOC : JR Tokaido Main Line- 211 series

    Funny, while the train itself too is as awesome as it can be, I'm more interested in the city seen in the background (omgomg!). Any chance to get some more of that?:P
  15. Renthicya

    Rook Runner

    Oh.. My... God!!