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  1. MOC: J Cement Hopper

    Absolutely amazing work you've done - it took me more than two looks to asure that this are not a photography's token out of some catalog. Again, absolutely amazing... I'm a conformist! !
  2. Hey Superkalle Yes it is. To proof what i'm talking about a screenshoot while downloading it (took it after your post): It remain's like shown above on my harddrive (with underscore) and i have to edit the name by hand to get it work. hope that helps Robert
  3. Hey Superkalle thanks a lot for the outstanding software. One thing you should change: the helpfile online ends on ".pdf_". At least on my system it is show as a broken file. I mean, it's a easy change, erasing the "_" at the end of the file name, something everyone could do, but to avoid trouble... thx again Robert