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  1. (For any mods wondering that's the first line of Beowulf in the original old English, translated as 'Listen! We --of the Spear-Danes in the days of yore, of those clan-kings-- heard of their glory. how those nobles performed courageous deeds.') Turning to a rather earlier part of the middle ages than most Castle builds, this is the first in a three build series I made last year based on the Anglo Saxon epic poem Beowulf, the longest surviving work in Old English. The story of Beowulf revolves around three fights between Beowulf and different monsters. First up is Grendel, a lumbering giant descended from the biblical Cain, who terrorises the golden hall of Heorot every night to stop the music and feasting there. Beowulf wrestles with the monster and tears off its arm, leaving him to run back to his lair to A few more pictures can be found here. Fun fact: in the lord of the rings books, Meduseld was very much based on Heorot, both Golden halls of saxon-esque kings. Astute fans here might notice that, in this case, the visual influence has definitely flowed in the other direction! Constructive feedback welcome, but this is long since demolished and so I may be unable to take it on board with immediate effect... :P Parts two and three to come!
  2. Bingo Little

    Beowulf MoC Part I: Grendel and Heorot

    I haven't actually seen the cartoon! The only adaptation I'm familiar with is the Robert Zemeckis film from the mid 2000s - and the least said about that, the better... That's what old English looks like! A lot closer to dutch or german than modern English, to put it mildly...
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    MOC WIP: Starting a small city layout, photo diary

    Another update! I think these are going to be about weekly. Mostly been working on the museum this week. Dinosaurs, fossils and bones on the ground floor, human things on the mezzanine, although come my next bricklink haul there'll be a pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling... Trying my best not to make it look too much like a big white box (save the side that'll be against the wall/the adjoining building if i were able to expand the city, as that really doesn't matter), but also not to go too intensive with parts, as I need it to get quite tall. As I'm not allowing windows, save the office at the back (natural light doesn't go together well with sensitive museum objects), i've decided to go with built in column details and worn down brickwork in the alleyway (the scaffold will have painters on trying to fix this). Here's the curator's office! Needs a filing cabinet and some bookshelves. The other thing I've been working on is figures! The curator is in her office, as seen above, and the tourguide (finally a use for that jurassic world torso!) is in the museum - here's a couple of bartenders and chefs in the restaurant... And an assortment of other figures in the park, lined up for ease of photography. Apologies to the lighting leading to the odd glow around them - when the city's finished or nearer to, I'll shoot it with an actual decent camera.
  4. I've mostly built castle (or other historical) sets since I was a child (we're talking pre-dark age, even). But about a month ago, I got a whim to try the Fun in the Park set, and, combined with far too many hours playing Cities: Skylines, it got me wondering what sort of scale city display I would be able to make. My collection and display space are both somewhat on the small side (for on here, at least), so it's only going to be four buildings and a park. I thought it might be interesting to upload regular rough progress pictures before just doing a showcase at the end - it'll be good to get feedback as I go, and will keep me motivated to keep building! Here's where I am now, right at the start: a street layout, some of the sidewalks built up, and the outlines of the park and one of the buildings. Ignore the blue on the baseplate making it look like a pool, I'm just out of neutrally coloured baseplates: it'll eventually be a restaurant with a rooftop terrace. I also, when ordering some road plates for this, accidentally ordered them in two different widths. I was initially resigned to just covering over the wider parts with plates, until I eventually decided that it might look better to try something to go with that 'bus stop' sign from fun in the park. Next stop, building my first vehicle for about fifteen years in the form of a bus...
  5. Has anyone here had much like making a flail with the new spiked ball piece we got in series 15 and a short chain? I'm not a huge fan of the single-piece ones, and I've previously made larger, blockier ones but would love this opportunity to make something a lot sleeker looking - but I'm really struggling finding good ways to attach the ball to the chain. Any suggestions?
  6. Bingo Little

    Diorama in the making

    The floor and those supporting pillars are beautiful. Nice minifigures, too! Are the horns on the third soldier from the left official, or from a set I'm unfamiliar with? Your king looks great, but might look a little better with a short cloak from one of the hobbit sets (or something along those lines.) Similarly, the advisor might look better with a white beard, like the recent santa claus one (or an older one like Majisto's!) to go better with that great hair piece.
  7. Bingo Little

    Anyone have any luck making a flail?

    If I had any of 20482 in clear (or in gold, if i were using a chain in that colour!) that'd be ideal! A little bulky at the end of the chain, but far better than the weird attempts I've made so far (and I'm not a fan of customising pieces) *sighs and opens bricklink, while wallet gently weeps for what's coming*
  8. Bingo Little

    [MOCs] The Minataka and The Temple of Orion

    Just as I was getting ready to write a glowing endorsement of the ship (I love the details on that figurehead!), I scrolled down and saw the temple... I really like fact that you haven't compromised sheer bulk and size by making it plain - it's still extremely detailed. The only space that looks possibly a little empty is the grass directly around the entrance, but, for all I say that, I have no idea what I'd put there. That snot work on the sides is incredible, though, I'm taking notes.
  9. Bingo Little

    MOC WIP: Starting a small city layout, photo diary

    Not yet! Going to put a wedding in there, I think. Does anyone know which of the lego pirate ships came with an organ? I want to have a look through their instructions.
  10. Bingo Little

    Old school siege

    I love the use of the crack in the wall - great slope work. Also really digging the classic castle feel - I wonder if we'll ever get those bullet helms again? Given how much the chin straps used to crack, probably not...
  11. Bingo Little

    MOC WIP: Starting a small city layout, photo diary

    Progress is here! I've failed to make much headway on a bus: what I have managed, rather surprisingly, is to entirely complete one building (from the outside. It currently has absolutely zero interior.) Apologies for potato quality, by the way: while I can get my hands on a camera for finished showcases, the one on my phone is not great, even for rough in progress pics. So, first of all, without any further ado: the gothic chapel! Bonus spiderman catching mysterio, small graveyard, and glimpses of where the exhibits will go in the museum.. The roof is surprisingly sturdy for something of that weight: thanks, ratcheted hinges. I've always loved the idea of using prefab boat hulls for roofing, and this is the first time I've had enough to 100% pull it off. I've also decided that I'm going to make a two storey building in the spot I was wondering about doing as a lot-under-construction: a pet store with a gym on top. Here's hoping I haven't bitten off more than I can chew, and that I don't end up completely out of pieces. The restaurant is coming along well, too - walls for the ground floor are complete, and I've decided to have an island kitchen in the middle (might regret this later) to maximise seating space and take as much advantage of the windows as possible.
  12. Bingo Little

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Thanks! I'm lucky in that, Scarlet Witch aside, they're all swappable quite easily to fleshie if i need it for anyone else - not sure I'd find any expression perfect enough for Loki, though. I think Loki and Thor I'm particularly proud of, since they're some of the most custom. (While Scarlet Witch is also very custom, I'd seen a lot of those pieces used for her online before.) The jewel thief is on my bricklink wishlist, so if it shows up in any stores I'm ordering from I'll start using that instead.
  13. Bingo Little

    MOC WIP: Starting a small city layout, photo diary

    Lovely idea in theory, but I'd rather spend the budget I'd need for that on increasing piece count elsewhere! I've still not got my hands on a modular (although the detective's office/bank continue to tempt my wallet...), so while I'm broadly aware of them, I'm not super hot on the exact dimensions. It's going to take up a full 32 x 32 baseplate, but be quite a bit shorter than the modulars (the roof will pretty much go on top as it is, with a terrace etc. on top of that). The building next door, which will be another shop under renovation, or a building under construction (depending on how soon I run out of parts), will be the same 32 x 32 footprint, but an extra storey or so taller. I've outlined the rest of the buildings, and photos will follow on Sunday (about to go away for the weekend). There's a museum that's little more than a first outline of bricks and an indication of where the mezzanine floor will go - oh, and a couple of dinosaurs slapped down, because it's never too early to start. I'm also about 70% done with the outside of the church/chapel, which, I'll admit, is leaning a bit closer towards a medieval/gothic build than I'd intended for this. Lots of stained glass and a very pointy roof, lots of statuery. The bus is... a challenge. I used the instructions for the lego bus from 2010 in the set with the pizzeria for a base, though i've changed colours out, and have been improvising from there. Hoping to have a little more to show come Sunday on that front.
  14. Bingo Little

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Yup! I don't know if she's changed torsos since, but it was from this set specifically. Any suggestions for more interesting legs for her?
  15. Bingo Little

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Returned to this forum after some years to post my custom avengers. I've wanted to make a yellow-skinned set, for a bigger city where the people will have similar skintones (and I find mixing of fleshies and yellow figs looks really, really odd). Please excuse the hair on Captain America, I'm on the lookout for a replacement next time I bricklink something. Bonus spidey and mysterio:
  16. I was thinking about this after a haircut today, and thought it might be interesting to compare how people build themselves! If Emmet's hair was available in dark brown or black, I'd use that - it sticks up in exactly the same place as mine. Alas, it's a touch too pale at the moment, so I normally just use this: in dark brown. How about you?
  17. Bingo Little

    Theon Turncloack - "Game of Thrones" scene

    What about the old wolfpack shields?
  18. I've seen a few great Discworld creations on this forum, especially from L-Space, as well as around the web, but all the ones for the Ankh Morpork City Watch have been quite small and a bit outdated in terms of pieces and availability. I decided to make myself a large version of the Watch House at Pseudopolis Yard, or the City Watch headquarters, earlier this year, but haven't got around to posting the photos yet. For those unaware of the Discworld books, the City Watch is a send-up of the modern police force, living and working in Ankh Morpork, a thriving multicultural metropolis with people from every species on the Disc there. As you might guess, the Disc is the world. It's flat. Like a disc. There's a sort of renaissance-y/victorian/steampunk aesthetic. For those who are aware of Discworld... well, this should be a treat. There's a lot of named characters and references in the build, as well as a few who aren't typically associated with the watch in some of the little vignettes added onto the sides. Anyway, photos... Wide view of the entire model. Wide shot of the back of the model/interior of the Watch House (floors are fully removable!) Side view. Outside the main gates - the Guild of Fools, Otto Chriek, and wizards from the Unseen University. More of the streets. Sir Sam Vimes and his family (along with Mr A E Pessimal) in his office. Because there's a basement level, and so the street is raised, there are three small vignettes built into the side of the model to give it some variation. Death comes visiting. Granny Weatherwax, Magrat Garlick, and Nanny Ogg, heroines of the Witches books. Sir Terry Pratchett himself, author and creator of the Discworld, with his assistant Rob. For anyone who'd like to see the full scale and detail of this build, with details, there's a full imgur album here, in higher resolution and annotated. There's also a youtube video with annotations more specifically pointing to and labelling each of the characters.Thanks for looking!
  19. Bingo Little

    MOC: Pseudopolis Yard (Discworld)

    The globe's in the bottom vignette, with Terry Pratchett - the person who writes the Discworld books! It's just a little detail (as well as the realistic skintones) showing that that little vignette is of real people, rather than fictional. Also I love the globe piece and try and include it wherever I can, so, there's that :P
  20. Bingo Little

    Index: Discworld MOC's and Characters

    I love these! My own Discworld creation, a large build of Pseudopolis Yard, can be found in this topic.
  21. This MoC took me far, far too long to build (almost a year of very on and off building), but I'm very proud of it so I may as well show it off. At first, I was just going to create a small part of a city, but I was enjoying the two factions in Kingdoms so much that I couldn't settle on just one to hold the city. I suppose there could have been some kind of alliance or something... ... but who wants to bother with that? If I had a siege, I could have fire and combat and blood, and all sorts of interesting things! Also, I decided to throw in a time machine, because I fancied building some steampunk. There are pictures below, but here's a video: Wide shots from both sides. Invading army at the gates - note the beheading, falling head, and blood. Fighting on the city walls - I considered having a siege tower here, but it proved too difficult and didn't leave enough room for the army on the ground. Blacksmith's just inside the city wall Duelling Wizards inside a magic shop - the frog on the floor was, once upon a time, another wizard. Monks escape the burning church, taking a relic with them. That stain glass window lights up with a powerforce light - you can see that in the video at the end of the post. A busy inn, where they seemed not to have noticed the whole "fire and war" thing. Wider shot of the back, including inn, townspeople rushing to defend the city, and stables. Flickr Album, since a small selection of pictures can't really show it all. It's demolished now, but comments and constructive criticism are always welcome!
  22. Bingo Little

    MoC: Medieval City Under Siege

    Thanks! I'd just learned how to properly combine fire pieces, so I got a bit carried away.
  23. Bingo Little

    MoC: Medieval City Under Siege

    It's actually an old part from the first Knights Kingdom line, with King Leo, Cedric the Bull, etc. I've always quite liked it, and having the powerforce light made it so much easier to properly use in an MoC.
  24. Bingo Little

    An Easter MoC

    (Hopefully this fits in the historic forum, as, regardless of your religious views, it takes place in a historical setting) This year I decided to challenge myself to make an Easter Garden out of Lego. As I built it, it became a series of Easter tableaus, showing different parts of the story (with slight adjustments made for each day): The last supper. Herod. Pilate. Judas betraying Jesus. The Crucifixion The... Saturday in which nothing much happens, I suppose. The Resurrection Wideshot. Full album, if anyone wants to see more. Thanks for looking
  25. Bingo Little

    An Easter MoC

    Yes, the fisherman holding the meat looks like Peter, to me - although being strictly accurate, that torso uses buttons 1600 years too early! As for the angel, I don't have the pieces to do it feathery, so I decided to look at some different depictions of angels... glad I did. I'd love to share it with kids, but as I'm 18, I think that's probably a few years down the line rather than right now...