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  1. TheWarden

    [MOC/DIY] 14 Dots bracelet designs!

    A long time ago, I posted a general thread in the hopes of finding anyone with ideas to extend the bracelets. I too got the black one, but as a middle age dude, the last hole is just a little too tight. I tried some inelegant solutions - the blue LEGO rubber bands seem tough I was able to loop them into a 2x2 plate with hole on both ends so I made a clasp! But it feels like it's not sturdy enough to wear out. I'd think two of them would be too big. Help! Any ideas?
  2. TheWarden

    Lego Dots 2020

    I might post a general topic outside here, but has anyone had any idea for bracelet extensions / extenders? I tried a search but don't see anything. I'm a dude and the last hole on these is too tight. I got the black one to try it out. I cobbled together two 2x2 square plates with hole and two blue LEGO rubber bands, and it kinda works, but I bet there is something nicer / easier. It also means the peg presses against my skin. I suppose there are real jewelry extenders. Oh well, I can at least use it as an constraction figure bandolier if nothing else! :P
  3. TheWarden

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC winners thread

    Yay! Just got mine here in Ohio. Thanks CopMike, Eurobricks, whoever else I might be missing!
  4. TheWarden

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC winners thread

    Congrats to the winners! Thanks to EB staff, raffle entry creators, CopMike, who'd I miss... I won this year, yay! Happy holidays!
  5. TheWarden

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    I started on this before I heard the news - I've enjoyed Rocko and Spongebob and I think a lot of people did too. Maybe you will like "Santasquid Comes to Bikini Bottom!" Santa comes to Bikini Bottom by James Warden, on Flickr
  6. Shot in the dark, but has anyone removed print from the "Nexo shield" pieces? I don't play the game, so it's frustrating to have all these cool trans-color pieces and I want them plain for MOC purposes.
  7. Hopelessly specific, right? I've spent a long time trying to get a connection right, can you help? I need to fix these:{"color":15,"iconly":0} to be rigid so they don't move left or right when pressed lightly from the flag end. Ideally it's a minimal connection, but now I'm interested in any way it can be done. I've went through the Flickr techniques group but didn't see anything yet. It can be done by using the lever bases without levers stuck on top and/or bottom a bit away from the rod where the texture of the flag part changes and by at least one clip on the rod, or it can be done with 3 clips on the rod which allows a bit of movement. Either of these is my best guess for now. Thank you!
  8. Last day entry as usual... Like most AFOLS, I imagine my perfect LEGO tree would be of rare colors! So I set about to see if I could make a tree out of my small sand green and olive green collection. It's... okay looking? The olive green against the sand green reminded me of drying out pine needles making a mess, so I made a little scene of it. Eurobricks XMas Raffle by James Warden, on Flickr Anyway, not much, but I had fun trying to do with a limited amount of parts in running out of time. Thanks to CopMike and EB staff for the raffle as always!
  9. Y'all right, time sure flies! Glad to hear the tradition continues, so I'll try firing up the imagination to build something fun!
  10. TheWarden

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    I just realized I hadn't posted my thank yous yet! Thanks to EB, CopMike, and whoever else helped organize and fund the raffle. I'm a huge Batmanatee fan. I couldn't quite swing the '66 Cave set, but I have a goal to build my own now. Thanks again!
  11. TheWarden

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    Whoa, day one winner! I don't have to check any more. Oh wait, I still do for the prize reveal. :) LEGO bigfig Fabuland manatee confirmed! LOL
  12. TheWarden


    Ah yes, it is good these are discrete. I imagine people would be glad to buy just one and not have to buy all of them connected together...
  13. TheWarden

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    I almost forgot, but thanks for the reminder! Last hour entry... Google says... -- 9:00 PM Sunday, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is 4:00 PM Sunday, in OH --- When I think of snow (and LEGO), I think of Ice Planet 2002! EDIT: Oh and always, thanks to Eurobricks and CopMike and mods for the holiday raffle!
  14. THANK YOU! This is always something that stuck in my crawl here at EB. I've always wanted to bring this up. Other fan forums I contribute to that have respect for the fan company don't allow this. Why was it acceptable to discuss bootleg products here... I can't go to my Magic: the Gathering forum and encourage the ebay scum that print and profit off printed proxies and share links to their stuff and encourage others to buy. It's in their site rules. I can't go to my Terraria forum and ask for, provide, or share links to torrentz and hacks of the game. It's in their site rules. The point that there were threads that users actively spread site links, auction sites / store names, reviews, price comparisons, and generally explained how to and encouraged order bootleg LEGO products was dishonorable. I know there will be some confusion and issues for a while as what's ok and what's not ok to discuss and how, but I trust the staff to handle appropriately. ... also thanks for fixing the grey text around the forum. I'll poke around, but it seems to be more readable.
  15. TheWarden

    Forum Upgrade

    I guess I meant on the text issue itself. Maybe a running list of acknowledged items in the first post would have helped my frustration. Oh, no, I did see that you all had been commenting, I didn't mean to say that really. Thank you all for your time! EDIT: BTW, I did find it weird when I typed it and hit submit, it didn't take me away from the page, so I thought it didn't post. No, "Save" just made three copies of this. I deleted them?