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  1. Mass production means injection molding which only is done by some (Brickarms, Brickforge, ...) and in general not affordable without real market approach.

    I do it as hobby but can bring it via 3d printing to an affordable pricing. Quality depends on the materials used ...

    Currently I want to speed up prototyping to get quicker a final product orderable at shapeways or i.materialised via this small donation:


  2. Here's the Gallet F1 in the material RSF which was afterwards painted whith two coats of nail varnish in grey.

    It results in a very smooth surface since the nail varnish seems to cover the original material


    I've added packs and adapted the American style helmet.


  3. Thoroughly impressed with your work, it looks amazing, but i have a question. What 3d printer are you using? i was doing research into solidoodle and their price is good, but i wasnt sure it could print to that quality, so i was wondering if you were using that or something more expensive.

    The majority of the prints is done by shapeways (see link in the footer) but the prime grey is done by i.materialize: http://i.materialise...infantry-helmet


  4. @kotaco: Can you give me a hint what you are missing from the fire/police topic. So if you can give me an interesting hat/helmet maybe I find some time over the christmas vacation ...

    In princible I prefer hats/helmets. Other quipment is sometimes to tiny. Although there are some guys here having also experiences with arms.

    @janay: in princible you can print whole items. ecently I have seen alternative leg and arms pieces.

  5. You may take a look in my footer to address 3d printed items.

    Sometimes if the item is interesting me I also create a new item per request.

    Since creating molds is a very expensice process you must be willing to pay some 1000$ for a new mold and afterwards sell some thousand items ...

    Whereas creating an item in 3d costs the time for the 3d design and some $ for printing.


  6. ... I'm in the midst of working out the details of getting these (and my Dark Knight designs) printed and for sale

    Good option, I always find this decal printing very boring and an option to order could be very helpful ...

    For the interested ones in building such figures I've posted some useful items in another thread

  7. Sounds great, and I'd love to see it when you finish! Here's the Officer, let me know if these will work for that render or if there's some tweaks or changes you'd like. I don't know if that first face is necessary, but I was experimenting, so don't feel like you have to use it.

    I'll try and finish the British Soldiers sometime soon, when I get some more time.

    Clear Version:

    Very well done.

    Maybe you will also like these pictures, which were done some months before Assasins but are showing exactly British troops also used in the game.


    Decals can be found here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=417822

    (most of the decals are based on important prework from other decal designers)

  8. There's a wig available. But to mount a wig beyond a hat is not possible. A combination of any hat with that wig as one single piece would be not to difficult. So if there are buyers ...

    ABS plastic printed by a 3d printer is currently not available in the necessary granularity or within the acceptable price range.

    Color printing via 3d is possible but also has not the needed surface quality.

    The normal pad printing (coloring) should also be possible with these pieces.

    The 2nd picture shows one of the helmets also used in Assasins.


  9. They look quite nice! :thumbup:

    I was wondering, what's the quality of 3D-printed pieces like? Do they break easily under pressure, or can they hold up fairly well?

    depends on the 3d material used and on the 3d mesh of the printed object.

    from the material side there exists a wide range of materials with different characteristics.

    take a look on the flickr link below and you will see a lot of tests with different materials and designs.


  10. Here are some recently achieved results of customs done with 3d printing in a material called "Prime Grey".

    The optical result is with this material option very nearby a molded piece.

    For all items which make sense in grey color you get a finished product out of the 3d printer.




  11. I am astonished by your custom czapka/rogatywkas on the red lancers. Does anyone know a technique of making a czapka with cheaper tools than with ABS plastic molding machines?

    Take a look on my store visible in the footer.