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  1. If you are adding these to the LDD library, you are violating the End user agreement of LDD. It is considered hacking by TLG & Eurobricks and can get you in big trouble, just so you know!

    Of coruse, if you are adding these via another program to a picture, and not the actual LDD file, you should be fine.

    The current process only creates an initial scene via LDD without changing any LDD configuration. All the customs were added later on during rendering in povray, so it should now be complete without infringement of any end user agreement of LDD.

    Here's the final scene.


  2. Wow, I like this a lot! So far I've only managed to insert decals via 'LDD-2-POV-ray'... definitely have to check out this tutorial.

    Thank you for sharing!


    Currently that are only decals with original parts.

    Here you find a render with a custom parts. The custom items were merged in povray directly via stl2pov and some experiments I have done during the last hours.

    But at least ít's possible to add my own items. Let's see if that works out for the whole group.


  3. Povray render done via ldd2povray tooling ...

    (the custom decals were now added later on in the rendering process)


    - Hungarian Grenadier

    - Hungarian Infantry

    - German Grenadier

    - German Infantry

    - Officer

    - Husar

    - Cuirassier

    - Ulan

    - Landwehr

    - Artilery

  4. The attempt to include the torsos in the library was stopped since there could be a much better result achieved later on in the rendering process without infringing the LDD Eula. Since this discussion was also done in the digital designer section of Eurobricks and stopped I've deleted the initial picture.

    Here's oncemore the starting picture to create later on an enhanced render in povray with additional custom items)


  5. WWI has his 100 year anniversary this year.

    For that two book tips, which impressed me a lot ....

    Barbara Tuchmann: August 1914

    Remarque: All quiet on the western front


    By the way: Since I'm currently out of time I'm searching for an experienced minifig builder/photographer who can build and photograph scenes with my items (parts will be delivered for free). Give me a PM if you are interested ...

  6. Some days ago I've received the results from another printing company providing more colors for WSF:

    The picture shows polished orange.

    The company offers (green, black, blue, brown, red, yellow, orange, pink, black?). I'm awaiting another package with brown and green.

    Additionally you can see some design changes after having switched to blender (why the hell didn't I do that earlier ... )


  7. Yeah 1809 campaign - obviously I like it!!

    Would be fine to have also a photo of the 2nd group in the back, as far as I can see:

    - Bavarians

    - Austrian Ulans, Infantry, Grenadiers,

    It seems that for the French Shakos you really get a glossy looking surface .... very fine!

    One week ago I got back my modified designs for a real Austrian shako, Austrian/French Dragoon Helmets, a new cuirassier ....


    Unfortunately no pictures yet, maybe I will take one today ...

  8. Clever! What kind of 3d printer do you use?

    I'm using an extern source, in my case Shapeways, which is doing the whole printing and post processing with a couple of possible materials.

    Additional coloring (beside dying of pWSF) has to be done by hand with acrylic water based colors. That's the weak part since original smooth shiny surface of original parts wasn't reached by me so far.