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  1. 1) A more photogenic (doesn't have to be an actual photograph as a painting would do) picture of the uniform these designs are based form

    Yesterday I did most of the designs based on Funcken, IV.

    Here are some plates from the internet:

    Austrian Ulan/Lancer


    Austrian Husar


    French Guard, 1st Lancers


    French Guard, 2nd Lancers


    For an actual picture of a Lego minific I'm looking forward for some missing parts.


  2. I might buy some Prussians/Austrians/Russians when they are not too expensive. I would like to see how those special helmets are made.

    For French and British I just use the official figs.

    That's a statement from his ebay home page:

    About my creations...

    My custom minifigs are usually made with decals that I have created. Parts like helmets and heads are painted with high quality modelling paints. Some characters have custom modelled heads. The heads are made with polymer putty and removable like standard Lego heads.

    If you are interested in a certain character, please let me know!

  3. What do you mean by painting faces? Do you mean adding a mustache, beard, ... ?

    Yes beards and mustache ....

    Lancer regiments were established in all countries with the typical shako:

    see at Wikipaedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lancer

    Hats of the Austrian Landwehr can be seen at:


    Austrian infantry helmets can be found at


    I would recommend the black firemen helmet with some additional golden lines which may come nearby ...

    Scrolling down you see the 1806 shako which I modded based on a cylinder

    see the results at:


    The grenadier I tried to model via plasticine ...


    For artillery we can use the lego admirals hat.

    see http://www.antiquesatoz.com/habsburg/1812/austarmy.htm

    In this plate you can also see a landwehr hat, where I used the adventurer hat (which has to be painted black)

    Whereas for the husar we can use the normal imperial hat (see top of the plate).


  4. Thanks to woody64 (Andreas), we can now recreate the mighty Austrian army. He created the torso's which are now part of our library.

    Some additions to the decals of the Austrian army:

    The decals are not completly correct but nearby some original paintings ...

    The most serious problem are the hats. I did an experiment with plasticine which can be seen on brickshelfs ( the hungarian infantry officer: ).

    I would propose the following hats (haven't tried them yet since I have to buy some on ebay first ..)

    - adventurer brown head -> black landwehr hat

    - white/black fireman hat -> black infantry helmet needs some golden stripes ...

    - ulan shako (all armies have the same polish based, also the france) - no idea yet

    - black imperial shako - infantry shako

    - 2 tires - husar

    - knight helmet for cuirassier (as bonaparte did)

    By the way, who can give me some advices for painting faces or hats ...

    (what colours are best ...)


  5. The decals look nice, I forgot to say. Did you use a dremel or nail file on the top hat?

    Yeah, for some reason, the big picture on my screen became small?? I use MF btw.

    I've resized the pictures after having seen the big output ....

    The decals can be found on brickshelf later on.

    Yes it's a top hat which I've moded with a rasp.

    I forgot to say that the decals are mainly based on


    (around the time of the battle of aspern)


  6. And this is a picture of my completed Imperial Hussar regiment:

    I very much like it ......

    I did some Napoleonic modelling in the youth and still do own some material from this time. So if something is needed maybe I can help ...

    Today I wondered if it's possible to build up some Austrian soldiers (yes I'm from the other side) from this time and googled a little bit around to get some base material (MOC pictures).

    What I can't see from the pictures is what you did use for the hats of the husars???