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  1. 3 hours ago, azog said:

    Do you think you would ever sell them if you make them into physical form?

    Don't think if  I will ever do them in real, if I would sell them and if anybody is interested in ...

    - Maybe Austrians are not the best one to start with but it was a boy dream 40 years ago to make a reference book for Napoleonic Austrians. The book generated now is a little bit different then thought years ago but who cares ...
    And If there would be a wargaming community using Lego there were some buyers  (because there you can find tons of Austrian troops)

    - @dzidek1983: Yes I know the different points of view between modelling and building. For me using normal ones is not the same fun as designing custom plates with some historical accuracy. But that's left to the personal taste. :)
    Also, none of the Minifigs is wearing a standard Lego hat. They all have custom ones from the shop. There I have sold now more then 10.000 items. (not much for Lego standard pieces but a lot for customs printed on demand) .... also a very different point for customizers and purists :)


  2. I was sure that I've already shared it on weekend, but seems that it was lost ...

    I've published a book with a complete set of table about the Austrian army during Napoleonic wars.

    Base for that were the decal set I started years ago on the base of Mosana's designs. They get a complete relaunch with all the necessary changes to be as historical accurate as possible representing the different Austrian Units. See here the decals used for the Austrian Landwehr and partly a s base also for other units:




    The 2nd topic were all the custom hats and helmets for the Napoleonic times where the first item ever done in the 3d printing technology was started here after a longer discussion how the rare shakos can be recreated with other means.

    The 3rd part were all the renders I can do now with LDD, LDD2povray, stl2povray and povray. During Christmas I recoded a bigger part so that doing these tabels with figures in diferent positions can be done more easily. See one of the results here (Hungarian insurrectio troops):



    Finally I have added some textual clue mainly referencing some historical or military explanations (with references to the text in Wikipaedia) resulting now in the book published by tredition.de ....



    Since a lot of topics and techniques created for this book were first discussed here I want to thank all the member which have contributed with their ideas ...


  3. How did u do the shakos and the bearskins? They are simply beautiful!

    I have designed a lot of additional hats and helmets from the Napoleonic era ...

    Michael did some excellent work in painting and adding additional stuff


  4. Here are some new results of my recently purchased Nobel SLA printer (Resin grey). That enables me to get a prototype result in several hours.

    - British Hussar

    - Austrian Landwehr

    - Austrian Lancer

    - Austrian Hussar (variant of the standard Austrian Infantry Hat, changed from the standard in some minutes and printed in one hour)

    Further results you can see on my Flickr account:






  5. One recreation study as povray render ....

    (see also here a better link to the painting of Albrecht Adam)

    The story in short is:

    It happend during the french offensive 1809 through the Kanaltal. The Austrian forces were ordered back and the defenders got the task to hinder the french corps as long as possible.

    They did it for some days with a corps of less then 300 soldiers. After all the french stormed the fort with the help of one troop searching their way trough the mountains in the back of the defenders.

    That's why it's called the Austrian Thermopyles, since the end of the story reminds to the greek story.

    The 300 soldiers had a loss of 80 dead and further 80 wounded whereas the 17th may was reported with 1300 dead and wounded by the french.


  6. When Gary published his plan of the Lego La Haye Sainte diorama I was in the middle of adapting my povray render scenery and decided to make some quick shots of the defenders of La Haye Sainte wearing custom items and decals:

    (the render scenario is thought to show regimental units with their different ranks or wearings)

    Start browsing at: https://www.flickr.c...eposted-public/

    (there's also a short story attached with some of the topics mentioned in Gary's diorama.)

    Below you see:

    - Kings German Legion Light Infantry (Major Baring)

    - Hannoverians

    - Nassauers

    - King's German Legion Line Infantry

    - Lueneburg's Infantry

    - Sharpe's Rifles / 95th Rifles (Waterloo and Badajoz)

    The renders are created with LDD, LDD2povray and a lot of Shell Scripting to allow the replacement of my custom items (created for 3d printing) at the correct positions.. Additionally for these shots a lot of custom decals were created to come as much as possible nearby to the original uniforms.




  7. A part of my collection showing more then 100 custom Minifigs ...

    (with custom 3d printed helmets in different colors and materials)

    The rows are showing:

    Napoleonic soldiers (mainly Austrian)

    Napoleonic soldiers (British, French, American, German, Austrian)

    Napoleonic soldiers (mainly Austrian)

    WW1 soldiers (German, Austrian, Russian, French)

    WW1 soldiers (German, Austrian, Russian, French, British)

    Steampunk Minifigs

    Coloring is done:

    - from the provider (Sculpteo, Shapeways) mainly dyed WSF

    - from Chrome Block City

    - hand painted with acrylic colors



  8. Very nice. Do you have more plans for these digital creations, like mocing up battle scenes or the like?

    Unfortunately my computer is under service so the project evolves slowly ...

    Some British Grenadiers:


    And some pictures made for my custom shakos/helmets shop (by the way also a nice reference in some decals of the torso lib done by Mosana or me):



  9. Very nice. Do you have more plans for these digital creations, like mocing up battle scenes or the like?

    No, in principle I'm using these picture as front picture for my shop items. Beside that it should give the user an idea/reference which torsos and decals he should use ...

    At the end there may be a lot of reference pictures available for Army builders covering some major units of the Napoleonic area (French, Austrian, Russian, Prussian, British)

    Although I know how to build these scenes now it's very time consuming to set-up a scene (half up to one hour of work and afterwards 3-4h of rendering)



    Here are some characters/types of uniforms also used in Master and Commander.

    Most of the decals used in these scenes are derived from the pirate torso lib and are based on Mosana's principle design with many variations or adaptations from my side.