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  1. Patrolling

    recently I did some updates on my render setup allowing more complex scenes including my own customs.

    Patrol on the Austrian border supported by Jaegers for skirmishing, some Grenadiers and some Engineers to check the ground ...
    For quick message transports a hussar is able to inform the headquarter ...

    Landscape was reused from bricklink and jmt2021 www.bricklink.com/v3/studio/design.page?idModel=261708





    This entry is only for historical reasons, to show how the above described path has developed

    Didn't read that for a very long time and even can't remember these very first attempts and fails but at the end now I'm able to upload a software generated pack of a subset of the below shown items in a 15x pack to Shapeways and you will be able to order that after some minutes of processing and configuring the shop parameters for buying (name, section, materials, pricing).

    Not to mention is the design quality which has developed from some basic shapes to a full 3d blender design bench.





  3. On 4/14/2020 at 3:56 AM, eycopink0710 said:

    Hi @woody64,

    Awesome 3D prints. I would just like to ask if you happen to accept commissions for 3D designs?

    Yes I do, but I'm always owning the 3d design. If a proposal is interesting I do it and offer it on Shapeways to the public,


    Here are some of the newest creations:

    - Russian Cuirassier
    - Spanish Grenadier
    - Sheep
    - Russian Shako 1805
    - Mix of more the 20 Napoleonic Shakos
    - Forage Cap (19th Cent)
    - Bombay Infantry
    - Aurochs
    - Italian Bustina
    - 30 years war set
    - Ancient Set: Spartan, Roman, Thrakian





  4. Very nice scene and interesting usage of the Roman helmet.

    Understand your interest for the Cuirassier helemets especially for the Napoleonic times. Below you can find my version  of one of these helmets:



  5. today a vignette showing items one century later(1914-1918)

    German Uhlans WW1

    In 1914, lances were still being carried by regiments in the British, Indian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Ottoman, Belgian, Argentinian, and Russian armies, amongst others. Almost all German cavalry (hussars, dragoons and cuirassiers as well as uhlans) retained a steel lance as their primary weapon.

    http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lancer



  6. Hungarian Insurrection

    In the Kingdom of Hungary, the insurrection (nemesi felkelés) was the term used to describe the aristocratic contingent to protect the borders and the king. Theoretically it was abolished in the revolution of 1848/49. However, the last insurrection took place in 1741 to defend the lands of Queen Maria Theresa against the invasion of Frederick II of Prussia. The term was still used during the coalition wars. Thus, a considerable number of Insurrection troops were involved in the Battle of Raab in 1809.



    Lancers of the Guard

    In 1807 Napoleon authorized the raising of a guard regiment of Polish light horse. His main object in so doing was probably political, a first token of his promise to establish an independent Polish state.

    Whatever his motives,he obtained the services of some of the finest soldiers who ever served under him. Qualifications for enlistment were high. Applicants must be landowners or the sons of landowners. Some financial backing was certainly necessary, as those accepted had to provide their own uniforms, saddlery and horses.

    The men came mainly from Murat's Polish 'Honor Guard' and volunteers. Majority of them were nobles and were better educated than rank and file of the French Guard who - in big part - could only read and write. This situation however was only in the beginning, later on their ranks were filled up with veterans selected from every Polish cavalry regiment.



    Remarkable and very new in this picture is the new custom saddle ...

  7. I'm owning a lot of customs there and you can go with:

    - smooth fine detail plastic
    - white/black premium versatile plastic
    - black/grey PA12
    - white processed versatile plastic

    all work with headgear and mostly also for weapons. For smaller details like weapons maybe "smooth fine detail" is the best choice.

    The 3d printing process still show different results in surface (results are best in the list above in the sequence given) and also in some results caused by smoothing.

    Nevertheless the results so far were reproducable (some 1000 prints)



  8. Some of the vignettes used in a setup for Leipzig 2013 showing:


    • Hungarian Infantry and Grenadier
    • Landwehr
    • Cuirassiers in reserve
    • Russian Cosacks, Line and Grenadiers
    • Russian Cuirassiers in reserve


    • French Line, Grenadiers and Light Infantry
    • Italien Infantry
    • Bavarian Infnantry with som detached Dragoons
    • Bavarian Hussars and Cuirssiers in reserve