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  1. test of external printed decals and 3d printed and colored custom hats for civil war era.
  2. woody64

    MinfigCustomsIn3d - new items

    New items of the last year: round shields and other forms ... Ottomans Etruscian and Thrakians Cataphract Sutton Ho Boethian Roman Apullian Roman Montefortino Roman Burgh Byzantine French WW1 collection Royal Marine Collections (for ships !!!)
  3. woody64

    French soldiers

    O obviously do like it. Did you do the UV print yourself ?
  4. woody64

    MinfigCustomsIn3d - new items

    Recently added: Roman archer Viking Roman Cavalry British military Tam
  5. woody64

    MinfigCustomsIn3d - new items

    Some recently added items: collection of different middle age helmets top hats Prussian fusilier collection of Austrian WW1 helmets Korsican hat new grenadier design
  6. woody64

    [MOC] Patroling

    Patrolling recently I did some updates on my render setup allowing more complex scenes including my own customs. Patrol on the Austrian border supported by Jaegers for skirmishing, some Grenadiers and some Engineers to check the ground ... For quick message transports a hussar is able to inform the headquarter ... Landscape was reused from bricklink and jmt2021 www.bricklink.com/v3/studio/design.page?idModel=261708 Woody64
  7. woody64

    MinfigCustomsIn3d - new items

    New 15x collections for Ancient Napoleonic WW1 These items have variants with a different set of items. Also I follow requests to create a new 15x variant in a different setting .., (see the variants d3, d4, d5 .... to check what's already availble )
  8. woody64

    Creating a Shako Mold

    This entry is only for historical reasons, to show how the above described path has developed Didn't read that for a very long time and even can't remember these very first attempts and fails but at the end now I'm able to upload a software generated pack of a subset of the below shown items in a 15x pack to Shapeways and you will be able to order that after some minutes of processing and configuring the shop parameters for buying (name, section, materials, pricing). Not to mention is the design quality which has developed from some basic shapes to a full 3d blender design bench. Woody64
  9. woody64

    MinfigCustomsIn3d - new items

    Recently I have added some more middle aged or ancient items: Normannic Pig Face Helmet Eisenhut Gaul helmet Hopelite and some collections: Woody64
  10. Recently I also made some vignettes belonging to the middle age or the Ancient era: Woody64
  11. woody64

    MinfigCustomsIn3d - new items

    Yes I do, but I'm always owning the 3d design. If a proposal is interesting I do it and offer it on Shapeways to the public, Here are some of the newest creations: - Russian Cuirassier - Spanish Grenadier - Sheep - Russian Shako 1805 - Mix of more the 20 Napoleonic Shakos - Forage Cap (19th Cent) - Bombay Infantry - Aurochs - Italian Bustina - 30 years war set - Ancient Set: Spartan, Roman, Thrakian
  12. Concept work for custom animals: You can view some of them in 3d mode: https://www.shapeways.com/product/EJMMT5JLA/aurochs https://www.shapeways.com/product/E6EJ3FCEY/4-x-sheep https://www.shapeways.com/product/BFM53U226/2-x-foal Test print: Woody64
  13. woody64

    The Book on Cuirassiers

    Very nice scene and interesting usage of the Roman helmet. Understand your interest for the Cuirassier helemets especially for the Napoleonic times. Below you can find my version of one of these helmets:
  14. woody64

    [MOC] 1790 -1815 Vignettes

    today a vignette showing items one century later(1914-1918) German Uhlans WW1 In 1914, lances were still being carried by regiments in the British, Indian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Ottoman, Belgian, Argentinian, and Russian armies, amongst others. Almost all German cavalry (hussars, dragoons and cuirassiers as well as uhlans) retained a steel lance as their primary weapon. http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lancer https://www.flickr.com/photos/34336019@N07/49738352757/in/dateposted-public/