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  1. I've started the next cycle with an US army radio equipment the SCR-300: Since it is Christmas time I will add 2 or 3 items requested or proposed here, which are similar to this item type. Something worn on the back of the Minifig. So I'm waiting for proposals (please add a reference picture and a short description) Woody64
  2. woody64

    28th Mold - MinfigCustomsIn3d

    Today the SCR-300 and the new british beret (scottish) have arrived: Woody64
  3. Here are some recently done photos of my items dealing with "Castle or other Historic" topics. German style Lobster Ancient Spartan, but sword and shield could also be useful for castle topics Merchant Straw hat Lobster Lance Pallasch Scout Fantasy Warrior (Mace and Shield, Helmet by BrickTW) Woody64
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    MinifigCustomsIn3d Castle/Historic

    User request: Fantasy Helmet (study)
  5. woody64

    MinifigCustomsIn3d Castle/Historic

    Uglyduckling made a short overview about my methodology to produce such items: http://uglyduck-bric...ys-minifig.html Recently I switched from the material to Acrylic-based photopolymer (that's very nearby to plastic from the look and feel). Before I used the material White&Flexible (Nylon12), which looks on the photos a little bit porous, but has the advantage that my 3d printing provider offers green, red, blue and black. The list describes each photo above, and the item I've created for this minifig thirty years Soldier (German style Lobster): On the picture there's a thirty years soldier, but the helmet is also suitable for other historical periods. Ancient Spartan (Spartan Helmet, Sword, Shield): maybe one of the 300 17th Century Merchant (Hat): this item was originally requested by a forum user. The historic picture given was Rembrandts, Night Watch Farmer (Straw hat): was also requested by a user, I think Kevin thirty years Soldier (Lobster): also by request of a forum user British Ensign 18th Century (Lance): to protect the colours thirty years war cavalry men (Lobster, Pallasch): the straight version of the LEGO sword. Used by heavy cavalrymen. Scout (Scout cap): originally made by my brother Fantasy Warrior (Mace and Shield, Helmet by BrickTW): Middle age mace, Shield inspired by World of Warcraft and Helmet given by BrickTW Woody64
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    A Medieval Christmas Carol

    Beautiful - every nut, bolt and screw, nothing more to say .... Woody64
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    MinfigCustomsIn3d - New pictures

    The printing customer provides black material. That's the reason for. Otherwise you buy transparent or white and have to color it yourself. Woody64
  8. Recently I did an update of my pictures. Enjoy the Napoleonic relevant ones ... Further non Napoleonics can be seen on my flickr page ... Woody64
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    MinfigCustomsIn3d - New pictures

    Hope to make my next order soon then I can present the real molds in 2-3 weeks. These items are already done smoothed: and here are some news: scotts kilt (study) light infantry helmet (American Civil war) American leather helmet Woody64
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    MinfigCustomsIn3d - New pictures

    All items are 3d constructed and printed via Shapeway's 3d printing service. I made all items also available for other customers, see the links in my footer. Woody64
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    MinfigCustomsIn3d - New pictures

    The ongoing smoothing process for my items brings much finer results and changes also a littkle bit the optic in a more natural way: Hope to present the results soon ... And here are some new items: woody64
  12. Some new figs - Bowler - Pauldron T.Marine - Pauldron T.Vader
  13. woody64

    New 18th Century Hats

    Yes there are more then 4 guys using this service for new LEGO items. But nevertheless very well done. Woody64
  14. I've got an example delivery from his new parts and they are excellent!!!! Woody64
  15. Yes the design is based on pistols and rifles from 1800-1815. The rifle is built according to the baker rifles (for infantry and the short one for cavallry). Woody64
  16. woody64

    Spray/Brush Painting Lego - How?

    Thanks for sharing this. Can you provide some reference pictures where you have done some spray paintings to see what results can be achieved. Thanks Woody64
  17. woody64

    Spartan Sword?

    ... it has arrived today. Woody64
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    "Great naval battle"

    Nice work. An overview picture showing the whole scene would be great ... Woody64
  19. The best I have at the moment ... http://www.brickshel...Mold/kar98k.png
  20. Some of you may be interested in some new achievements I have recently done with 3d printing. Due to some hints of an American designer I'm now able to smooth the surface of some of my helmets which should result in a much better output. See the reference object here: Cuirassier smoothed Based on a question in the forum I made 3 prototypes for Spartan equipments: - Helmet - Sword - Shield I've extended the 30 years war equipment with a new helmet (may also be used for fantasy) - Lobster (German style) Some modern hats/parts are - Pakol - British cap (I've also found some Napoleonic drawings using this as forage cap) - Bren LMG Also in my main interest area I've added two parts: - Hussar hat - Epaulette Hope to make my test order soon to publish some photos in 2 weeks maybe showing also 3 other interesting parts not mentioned yet. Recently there was also an article published Ugly Duckling Log which shows some spotlight on my 3d printing technique to produce Lego equipment. Here's a photo showing a vast collection of my parts directly on Minifigs ... Woody64
  21. woody64

    Spartan Sword?

    I wonder if that comes nearby ... http://www.shapeways...tml?gid=ug11290 Woody64
  22. I've sorted, eliminated doubles, and eliminated my old ones which will be deleted soon and at last grouped by types ... AUSTRIA Grenze (Seven Years' War) by Mosana Hussar (Seven Years' War) by Mosana Dragoon (Seven Years' War) by Mosana Horse Grenadier (Seven Years' War) by Mosana Cuirassier (Seven Years' War) by Mosana Carabinier (Seven Years' War) by Mosana Trooper of Freikorps (Seven Years' War) by Mosana Jaeger (Seven Years' War) by Mosana "German" type artillery (Seven Years' War) by Mosana Infantry officer Regiment "HARRACH" (Seven Years' War) by Mosana Infantryman Regiment "HARRACH" (Seven Years' War) by Mosana Officer of regiment "ERSZTERHAZY" (Seven Years' War) by Mosana Trooper of regiment "ERSZTERHAZY" (Seven Years' War) by Mosana Archduke Charles by Mosana Erzherzog Karl by woody64 General by woody64 Leutnant Hensel by woody64 Hussar by woody64 Hussar by Mosana Hussar Hessen-Homburg Nr.2 Imperator German Legion by woody64 Austrian Cuirassier Officer by woody64 Austrian Cuirassier by woody64 Cuirassier by Mosana Cheveaux-Leger by Mosana Officer Light Cavallry Reg. Hohenzollern by woody64 Austrian Chevauleger by woody64 Light Dragoon by woody64 Heavy Dragoon by woody64 Lancer by woody64 Infantry Officer by woody64 Infantry officer by Mosana Infantryman by Mosana Infantry Private 1 by woody64 Infantry Private 2 by woody64 Infantry drummer by woody64 Grenadier officer by Mosana Grenadier by Mosana Grenadier Nr39 Jordis by woody64 Musketeer Nr.47 Vogelsang by woody64 Officer Hoch und Deutschmeister by woody64 NCO Infantry Nr.14 by woody64 Austrian Artillery Officer by woody64 Artillery by Mosana Mineur by woody64 Doctor by woody64 Light Infantry Light Infantry Hechtgrey by woody64 Tyrolian Jaeger Officer Private by woody64 Light Infantry by woody64 Light Infantry 2 by woody64 Riflemen German/Bohemian by woody64 Landwehr Corinthea Officer by woody64 Landwehr Corinthea NCO by woody64 Landwehr Corinthea by woody64 Landwehr Salzbury Officer by woody64 Landwehr Salybury NCO by woody64 Landwehr Salzbury by woody64 Grenze officer by Mosana Grenze by Mosana
  23. woody64

    Return from Balaclava

    and that's the reference painting by Lady Butler: Woody64
  24. woody64

    Return from Balaclava

    One more ... Woody64