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    3d Printing in Prime Grey

    There's a wig available. But to mount a wig beyond a hat is not possible. A combination of any hat with that wig as one single piece would be not to difficult. So if there are buyers ... ABS plastic printed by a 3d printer is currently not available in the necessary granularity or within the acceptable price range. Color printing via 3d is possible but also has not the needed surface quality. The normal pad printing (coloring) should also be possible with these pieces. The 2nd picture shows one of the helmets also used in Assasins.
  2. woody64

    3d Printing in Prime Grey

    some new ones: Austrian Kaeppi Ulan WWI Field Cap Kätchen and Gasmask Austrian WWI helmet
  3. woody64

    3d Printing in Prime Grey

    depends on the 3d material used and on the 3d mesh of the printed object. from the material side there exists a wide range of materials with different characteristics. take a look on the flickr link below and you will see a lot of tests with different materials and designs. woody64
  4. woody64

    Stand-in patrol hat?

    http://www.shapeways.com/model/107315/patrol-cap.html Woody64
  5. woody64

    Finnished 3 regiments

    Can't await your Austrians and Russians. Guys please take a look on the correct assembling of special soldiers, uniform parts and colors, .... Great work. Woody64
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    Custom Napoleonic Army

    Take a look on my store visible in the footer. Woody64
  7. woody64

    My Grande Armèe

    Oh good lord, that's very imressive ... Woody64
  8. woody64

    Crossing the Alps

    Cool some further MOCs based on Roccos' paintings. I love them and can't wait seeing more ... Woody64
  9. woody64


    When I saw the first photos I thought seeing a plastic model kit. Amazing level of detail!!!! Woody64
  10. woody64

    British Gunner set by Tizian

    Here's my version of the British horse artillery: Tizian made a more accurate job for adding details on arms, legs and helmets. Woody64
  11. woody64

    British Gunner set by Tizian

    Yesterday I have found this nice British gunner set: You will find more photos on Tizian's Flickr stream. Woody64
  12. I startet some years ago with building custom parts via 3d printing (using shapeways). I think I was the first doing that. Recently I did a search at shapeways over the keyword LEGO and found a lot of followers with a lot of interesting parts for customers. I think giving an overview would be helpful (showing some examples of my personal taste): (this list will grow during the next days - first starting with some favorites) (Please beware the delivered items will be mainly uncolored since coloring has to be done by the buyer) Fantasy Figs (shmails): one of my favorites and I think the 2nd one doing that Mingles (mingles): Legend Of Zelda and other fantasy items ... Clone Army Customs Brickxtensions (BrickXtensions) Ca.thex.is (kathexis): also non lego parts minimunitions Battelfield bricks shop johnstudiosshop: MinifigCustomsIn3d(woody64): for sure my own ... Take your own tour: Search for LEGO items Woody64
  13. woody64

    3D Printed LEGO

    Can you give me a reference about the Cypress tree you mean. Currently I have no idea about the costs. Since it's then mainly driven by the resin costs it should be affordable (comparable to resin molds). If you know the volume of the cypress tree it would also be easy to check the costs with the available 3d printing (in transparent the result should be fine). Woody64
  14. woody64

    3D Printed LEGO

    Today I found this crowd funding project of an affordable 3d printer. www.indiegogo.com/veloso3dprinter?a=549798 It's using resin. Take a look in the middle of the page on the printed item and check out the photos looking on the small items. Rather cool. Take also a look on the printing video to see how the items are created. It's said to cost $4k which is really affordable. To my point of view with this device you can do prototyping small series colored prints I personally want to get one (started my own crowd funding project today ... ) Woody64
  15. woody64

    Custom parts via 3d print

    Yeah, it's not molding. That's sure. But the tooling costs for molds are to my knowledge >10k. And here you get a part done for EUR 2,5. If you take a look on the transparent detailed material the result is very good. What's currently unsolved for me is coloring, since it has to be done by the enduser and need also certain skills. Woody64
  16. woody64

    Custom parts via 3d print

    Yes. The most critical thing with these designs are the material and the surfaces. Currently I achieve the best results with the transparent detailed material from shapeways. With WSF polished you also get very fine results. Please beware that all the photos show a macro view of the objects. With current printing techniques this may look a little bit grainy. If you resize the photo to original minifig size it's not as visible. On the other hand the detailed material show really good results also in bigger resolutions. But it's more expensive! The material used by fabberhouse is very nearby the material used by LEGO, but the granularity and surface can't be reached. You will find some material comparisions in my facebook notes: http://www.facebook....507714?sk=notes Take a look here for my ABS (fabberhouse) testprints: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=465364 and here's one with white detailed http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5062863 (ABS, White Detailed, TRansparent Detailed, WSF) In the shapeways forum for further materials also resin is discussed. That would also be very interesting ... Woody64
  17. woody64

    Custom parts via 3d print

    For sure I have printed all of my items: http://www.flickr.co...s/34336019@N07/ You will find pictures of the printed items of the other customizers: - directly at the item description - searching for the names in flickr - some of them were alse presented here Woody64
  18. woody64

    Return of the Black Falcons

    Very well done. Woody64
  19. woody64

    Napoleonic Wars Troops

    Cool overview over a possibility to build up Napoleonic troops without custom things. All examples are very nearby the originals and the choice of the bodies is the best one achievable. As mentioned the bearded ones could also be used on the French side. Woody64
  20. woody64

    Royal Guards with Imperial Guards?

    Here's my proposal (untested yet): I think this was missing in my collection ... http://www.shapeways...ard__test_.html Woody64
  21. woody64

    My Grande Armèe

    I think we all wait now for the first finished Hussar ... Woody64
  22. woody64

    My Grande Armèe

    I think I have not understood this point. You use the airbrush to apply colors and you use masking to apply the different colors? Do you have any pictures of these technique? Woody64
  23. woody64

    MOC: LOTR The Hobbit creations

    Outstanding work!
  24. woody64

    My Grande Armèe

    Can't await to see some completely finished figures. How many pieces can be made with a mold before it's unusable? Woody64
  25. woody64

    Knoetel in Minifigs

    sei perfezionista? Since I've done 54mm very long (decades) ago I can see some incredible details .... Woody64 Yeah that's the unsolved topic by now: - the surface of the material results in this bumpy look. But that's only so clear visible in the macro zoom of the photos. The photos are often 2 or 3 times larger ... There's already the smoothed version of the WSF material (pWSF) which is much better then before. - there are 2 further materials available which result in a much smoother look even on the bigger pictures but they are far more expensive. Here's a photo of the other material: Here's oncemore the result of pWSF showing the Minifigs in a comparable size to above and also in a compareable size to the original Minifig size. Any you see it's not that visible ... The procedure is: - 3d design via cad program - upload to shapeways - ordering - shapeways uses 3d printers to build the items - after receiving applying a coat of acrylic colors. see also http://uglyduck-bric...ys-minifig.html Woody64