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    Future Constraction Lines

    Kind of a left field idea, but it would be amazing if they developed a smaller version of CCBS that was compatible with the Mixel sized ball-and-socket joints. The "bone" pieces could have 3mm bar holes in the same way CCBS bones have technic pinholes, and the "shells" could come in both curvy and boxy shapes. Maybe the humanoid sets could even use minifigure heads/helmets.
  2. @l3x

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    If there is a new theme next year, I'd be interested to see if it centers around the new high-friction towball receptacles. I know that's basically what Mixels is, but they could separate the two lines by focusing on more conventional humanoid characters. Or maybe even produce mini bones with 3mm holes instead of the technic pinholes, and mini HF-style shells that snap onto the towball. Just fantasizing.
  3. @l3x

    Hero Factory 2013

    That head.... it's just.... so beautiful.... I can't wait.
  4. @l3x

    Hero Factory 2013

    Oh man, can you at least post pictures of the head assembly as soon as possible before you get to the rest of the review?
  5. @l3x


    FINALLY! Great review, can't wait for the rest
  6. @l3x

    Hero Factory 2012

    Beautiful! EDIT: I see on Flickr that you only have 4 reviews planned for now. Any plans to review the rest, or did you buy all the sets you wanted? Just curious.
  7. @l3x

    REVIEW: 6230 Stormer XL

    I've never bought multiples of a Lego set before, but I may buy two of these (for the parts of course). This is hands-down the best Hero Factory parts pack yet for my purposes, with all those friction joints, new double-sockets, and those neat 3m beams with the center ball. Helps that it doesn't look like a bad set on its own either
  8. @l3x

    Hero Factory 2012

    Ok cool I guess I'm just more used to the Transformers fandom where people competitively try to be the first to photograph/review new releases. People seem oddly casual about the fact that these are out there and ready to be reviewed.
  9. @l3x

    Hero Factory 2012

    So uh.... Bad weather still?
  10. @l3x

    MOC: Mickey Mouse

    This is a revamp of my previous Mickey Mouse MOC. Changes include a narrower frame, more accurate colors and details, and an all-new set of hands. Very happy with this one. by Alex Kelley, on Flickr by Alex Kelley, on Flickr by Alex Kelley, on Flickr by Alex Kelley, on Flickr by Alex Kelley, on Flickr by Alex Kelley, on Flickr
  11. @l3x

    MOC: Takanuva

    This is a revamp of my previous "Modernized Takanuva" MOC. Compared to the last version I made, this one is sturdier and more filled out design-wise, and has more accurate colors/better proportions. The hand design may or may not be new, but it's new to me. by Alex Kelley, on Flickr by Alex Kelley, on Flickr by Alex Kelley, on Flickr by Alex Kelley, on Flickr by Alex Kelley, on Flickr
  12. @l3x

    MOC: Rosie

    I've been tweaking this MOC for months, and I'm finally ready to call it finished. My goal was to create a hulking and menacing, yet charming beast of a robot with exaggerated, wacky proportions. I also wanted to demonstrate the potential of the Hero Factory building system as well as showcase the new parts themselves. Making it a female was the final twist when I was racking my brain for a name. by Alex Kelley, on Flickr by Alex Kelley, on Flickr by Alex Kelley, on Flickr by Alex Kelley, on Flickr by Alex Kelley, on Flickr
  13. Since seeing promo images for the Breakout line I've really wanted to make a Rocka MOC that incorporated both of his helmet designs and contained as much gold as possible, and this is the result. The hand design may or may not be new, but I haven't seen it anywhere. by Alex Kelley, on Flickr by Alex Kelley, on Flickr by Alex Kelley, on Flickr by Alex Kelley, on Flickr I know there have been several Rocka MOCs lately, but I actually had this done a few weeks ago (was just waiting on the gold fingers to show up)
  14. @l3x

    Rocka: The Golden Boy

    The gold fingers are just from a Bricklink order, not sure what sets they come in. Thanks for the comments everyone!
  15. I could have sworn Lego said that with this update they would allow you to view a parts count of your creation (since that wouldn't be competing with Design by Me anymore), but I don't see that feature....
  16. @l3x

    MOC: Ted-E

    Ted-E is a massive robot with the attitude of an angry toddler. This piece was created with Lego Hero Factory parts and stands about 9" tall. The head is my favorite part of the build, it looks really neat in person. Ted-E vs Mick-E my photostream on flickr
  17. @l3x

    MOC: Ted-E

    Thanks! I'm definitely aware of the odd proportions, but it was intentional. I've revamped this MOC recently to make it more solid and nicer-looking from the back, I'll eventually reshoot this once I order a few stray pieces.
  18. Here's quick fun MOC that I threw together today. Just a fembot made from Hero Factory parts. I wanted it to be obviously feminine without being offensive or over the top. Let me know what you think! my photostream on flickr
  19. This is a modern rendition of 8596 Takanuva. It is built with Technic, Bionicle, and Hero Factory parts. Unfortunately I misplaced the original spear blade but you get the idea He's a little larger than the original, but he still looks pretty good on the vehicle.... Any comments would be appreciated!
  20. EDIT (10/5/2011): Hero Factory Mickey Mouse (or as I like to call him, MECH-E Mouse) began life as an oddball quick build, but I grew attached to the project and decided to improve/refine it. The main areas of concern for me were the lack of buttons on his pants and the empty, abstract look of his head. I finally got some minifig skeleton legs to mount the yellow buttons on, and the head has been completely reworked with additional Technic/Bionicle parts. So here's what he used to look like.... ....and here's what he looks like now: The ears are fully articulated to create the same illusion that happens in the animation, where they roll along the top of his head in frontal view at all times. Much better, I think. my photostream on flickr
  21. @l3x

    MOC: Hero Factory Mickey Mouse

    I've updated the first post with Hero Factory Mickey Mouse V2. Improved details and particularly an improved head, not to mention better photography.
  22. @l3x

    MOC: Zodiac

    Not much to say about this really, hope you guys enjoy! Comments appreciated as always
  23. @l3x

    MOC: Hero Factory Fembot

    Thanks for the feedback. I think I'm starting to realize that I like slightly wider hips in general for my MOCs, but the main reason for it here is that her torso is an upside down hero torso (meaning that the hip sockets plug into the torso's "shoulders"). Which also necessitated some kind of "loin cloth" since the hero neck is jutting out from between her legs. In fact, several of my recent MOCs have used this upside-down torso technique—this, Zodiac, Ted-E, and Mickey Mouse (who I plan on re-shooting soon since I completely revamped his head). Maybe this would be a good project to come back to and add a custom torso so I could narrow those hips and get rid of the "skirt."
  24. @l3x

    MOC: modernised Takanuva

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I would have liked ideally for all the gray in the torso to be white and for the ball joints to be black, but I was just using parts I have on hand. Articulation was a main concern for me, hence the custom torso with a ball-jointed midsection. That being said, I would like to come back to this project eventually in the right colors, and maybe even recreate his vehicle in Hero Factory style....
  25. @l3x

    MOC: Zodiac

    Too many? After I took the pics I started thinking it might look better without the shoulder spikes.