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    [MOC] Hänschen klein "Little Hans"

    Stock und Hut... Stick and hat... Wheres is his hat?
  2. flavus

    Bad day for Redcoats

    i like the grim-looking one with the axe. but what is the guy in the green boilersuit doin in here? "back to the future"?
  3. flavus

    Fraulein Schwarz

    this ship really looks good. the cannon seems to be a little high. off-topic: you learn "Hochdeutsch" (standard German) not "hauchdeutsch". "ein hauch deutsch" would mean a whiff of german, or a little german.
  4. flavus

    Little merchant scene / first entry

    thanks for your positive critique. i made a picture to show you the parts i used. but i have to admit that my boat is just an improved copy of what i found in a lego ideabook...
  5. Hi at all. Another AFOL from Germany. This is my fist entry to this forum. I hope you like it. The merchant in the baot tries to dock at the little footbridge. A soldier is supervising the scene and the trader comes out of his little house with the gold in his hands ready to make a bargain. The helper does what he is supposed to do.