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  1. Starrocks923

    The Flash Tv Show Discussion

    Mind if I repost this on Arrow subreddit? They could use jokes like this to get through the tough times, ever since Laurel died for Olicity shippers...
  2. Starrocks923

    The Flash Tv Show Discussion

    Flashpoint is next season for sure. I feel Arrow has been on a gradual decline in quality since season three (I blame everything on Olicity! ), but The Flash is consistently improving. I feel that while "Fast Enough" was a more emotional season finale, "The Race Of His Life" was much more interesting and much cooler. The ending brings into question the possibility of how Supergirl will merge with the CWverse. I sure hope "The Man In the Mask" shows up in season three as well; the dynamic with Barry would be fun to explore. Also...if he's now the Black Flash, will he command the Time Remnants to go after Barry for messing with the timeline so much? Food for thought.
  3. Starrocks923

    New Lego MMO-2013

    Was that their fault? I don't have the numbers off the top of my head, but I do recall sales going up right after the game transitioned into B2P. I also found myself rather disgusted that certain LEGO fan sites reported the news with headlines such as "LEGO Minifigures Online is Going Offline". I get what they mean and I know LMO doesn't have much life left in it, but the exact date for the game's closing hasn't been announced. I don't know, it ticked me off a little; I made too many young friends in LMO who would read that and cry, but such is life.
  4. Starrocks923

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    See, the MCU heads don't exactly like having Coulson back to life. It makes Avengers continuity So they basically ignore Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as much as possible in the movies, even though the MCU TV shows are directly tied into the movies. Infinity War might shake up this status, though. They're going to be more "trippy" movies that wouldn't mesh well with the grounded shows like Daredevil, but 68 characters is still a lot of roles to fill. I feel like Infinity War is going to throw in a lot of curveball characters no one saw coming...
  5. Starrocks923

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    My thoughts exactly. This Spiderman still has plenty of stories to tell since he's so young. I personally think he'd be the best Avengers cameo candidate for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or even Luke Cage.
  6. Starrocks923

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    In fairness, Spider-Man likes to talk and quip, and he's not used to seeing bionic arms.

  8. Starrocks923

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    What, you didn't see that coming? EDIT: Joke a friend of mine just told me: "What is Captain America's shield made out of? Vibranium. What is Hawkeye's shield made out of? Quicksilver." Sorry man.
  9. Starrocks923

    Star Wars

    Could there possibly be a bigger power in the universe we haven't seen yet, such as an alien empire? The New Republic was certainly small, as is the Resistance and the First Order. It's almost like another war happened in between the formation of the New Republic and The Force Awakens...
  10. Starrocks923

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    ...I get the feeling you might know something I don't, and I'm suddenly scared to read this thread. I fixed both posts, sorry guys! By the way, if you tweet that you're Pro-Registration on Twitter, Paul Rudd will tweet you back with a video that insults you.
  11. Starrocks923

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Which ones...? Hold up. I'll edit the post if I erred. Please PM me so I know what to fix, thanks. Is it when I said death? Because death happens in every movie. EDIT: Fixed the original post, sorry again! I wanted to know who plays a certain character that isn't listed on Wikipedia, but I found it on another website.
  12. Starrocks923

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    EDIT: Really sorry guys, poor phrasing in two of the paragraphs. I'll rewrite the entire thing. Be wary of spoilers in Captain America: Civil War reviews. They try not to spoil anything, but each review spoils a little piece of the puzzle. Read all the reviews, and...yeah. I'd love to discuss very mild spoilers (Basically stuff covered in reviews), so feel free to PM them to me if there's something you know that you find interesting to talk about. Also, please remember to use SPOILER TAGS to avoid spoiling the movie in this thread. (I think the irony is that one user may have unintentionally spoiled something for me while complaining that I spoiled something, but I have no proof of that. I haven't seen the film yet either!)
  13. Wow, really? Man, LEGO should keep making LEGO sets for the sole purpose of spoiling a TV show! That's nice that you have a system to remember each season, but...that also directly adds to the confusion when someone isn't using the same terminology. LEGO has officially released season 1 on DVD and it's the first half of the 2012 episodes, so calling season seven "season eight" will easily confuse anyone not used to reading your posts.
  14. Starrocks923

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Oh great, Washington D.C. Screening is sold out. Always wanted to go to one of these prescreenings... I guess I'll have to be content with the bragging right that on my way to the theater to watch Winter Soldier, I passed by the Triskelion. :P No real spoilers in the reviews, but we get a few nice hints: -Spider-Man gets more screen time than a "cameo". -Black Panther presumably is introduced in costume in an action scene. -Baron Zemo sounds like he isn't much of a presence in the movie, but one reviewer likened him to BvS Lex Luthor. This at least gives us an idea on his role. -Ant-Man is a close second for most entertaining hero after Spiderman. -Sam and Bucky have a "dynamic". Both of them are Steve's best friends, so it'll be fun to see them get along. -Wanda has something major in the story that impacts her character in a spoilery way. (Death? Mystery kiss? Causing the destruction in the opening act? Going crazy with her powers?) That last one was from a reviewer who mentioned that he can't comment on how Wanda is portrayed as a feminist. I find this rather humorous, as, to quote i09, "Marvel released a featurette called “In Good Company,” in which the company congratulates itself for putting three whole women in Captain America: Civil War." Three weeks for some of us.!Back when TFA was released, decided to post a news article that spoiled a certain death, and Google displayed the thumbnail...
  15. Starrocks923

    Star Wars Rebels

    Indeed, aside from Yoda's appearance, "Shroud of Darkness" was a series highlight. I saw it early and I must say, the scene with the Jedi Sentinels did not disappoint. I wasn't a fan of the Jedi Sentinel being who he was until I saw this episode, but suddenly everything fell in place. Amazingly, a guy on Youtube named Dash Star predicted the twist almost perfectly. It really brings closure to season 1 and makes you wonder if we'll ever see him again... The scene with Ahsoka Tano finding out that Darth Vader really is Anakin Skywalker was a standout. It's good to see characters cry sometimes! And while Yoda's appearance has been the consternation of many fans, his prophetic words will have a profound impact on the last two episodes of this season. On a side note, it's amusing to note that actual footage of Attack of the Clones was used in this episode. It was also interesting to see the Fifth Brother's reaction to the "Jedi Sentinel". The next two episodes will be Chopper-based, but I get the feeling it'll connect to the ominously titled two-part season finale...