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  1. Plastic Nurak

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    I'm wrong or there's any HoG steering in this car ?
  2. Plastic Nurak

    [MOC] Her Majesty's Theatre, London

    One of the greatest (in all sense) MOC ever !
  3. Plastic Nurak

    MOC Fabuland : All Together

    FABUL-ous !
  4. Plastic Nurak

    [Software] LDCad - LDraw cad

    Finding by number is IMHO easier. Thanks for the answer, and excuse me if I'm annoying you .
  5. Plastic Nurak

    [Software] LDCad - LDraw cad

    Thanks Roland for the answer. PS In my 32-bit Linux version, the option "search the inventory" doesn't work.
  6. Plastic Nurak

    [Software] LDCad - LDraw cad

    A little flaw is the impossibility to create a submodel nested into another submodel (a sub-submodel in few words). I was trying to build #5580, and I needed badly that possibility (steps from 9 to 13), otherwise the creation of the model is very very difficult.
  7. Plastic Nurak

    [Software] LDCad - LDraw cad

    Ah, OK. Merci, Philo !
  8. Plastic Nurak

    [Software] LDCad - LDraw cad

    Is there an easy way to find a particular piece into LDCad? Filter doesn't go . I'm forced to write the position and number.dat of pieces I don't find, even after long searches, directly in the .dat file to visualize them in the model or submodels .
  9. Plastic Nurak

    75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Discussion

    I want it! Also if the wallet cry .
  10. While building #5540 Formula 1 Racer model, I had some trouble finding the exact position of the two gray plate of the motor. I've positionated them at the 54° angle on the 3938 1x2 hinge top, and then I found that the one on the right (viewing from the bottom of the model) appears to be "well" positionated with value X 200 Y 48.625 and Z 40.625. The plate on the left (ever viewing the model from the bottom) instead has the position values of Y 11.375 and Z 40.75. You can argue the pieces are not parallel, but in the editor they appear right. Where I'm wrong? Thanks for the answers, PN
  11. Plastic Nurak

    Older Than Dirt!

    Andy D is so old that when he was a child he made buildings out of stone because was the only element available in that time.
  12. Plastic Nurak


    This remembers me when I wrote a music related article for Ondarock back in 2005, and then for a problem, I had to reconnect to the site and lost my work .
  13. Plastic Nurak

    Your LEGO regrets

    I miss the Café Corner!
  14. Plastic Nurak


    MB has a lot of specialized part, a lot more than LEGO. We can compare two model, a medium sized MB and another one, a medium sized LEGO, with the same number of pieces, but with price different (let's imagine 12 €uros, buck$ or quids for MB vs. 20 €, $ or £. for the LEGO one). Well, we'll discover that with the cheaper set we can make only a model, while with the more expensive one we can create at least three or four alternative models, as long as the fantasy and pieces count suggest us. So, going to conclusions, MB's worth for few hours, LEGO is worth for at least some week .
  15. Plastic Nurak

    [REVIEW] 42023 - Construction Crew

    This new set is a clear invitation to build something bigger, mixing all the pieces or so of the set. And perhaps, marketing researches by TLG eventually have suggested them that a number of fan and/or purchasers like more the multi-model/multi-ideas approaching with its many possibilities.