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    Computer programmer by trade, got into Lego Trains in the '80s when also inherited some blue era stuff.
    Came out of dark ages a couple of years ago with fatherhood.


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  1. bricks n bolts

    Handset for PoweredUp

    Ah, that is what I first thought, getting confused So do you have plans to try running the Brick Automation Project on a Pi with Mono compiler or similar?
  2. bricks n bolts

    Handset for PoweredUp

    Ah, OK, so the PuP hubs are reprogrammed in effect? Therefore no need for external laptop or raspberryPi once setup.
  3. bricks n bolts

    Lego train arduino (esp8266), power/

    @treczoks Looking forward to any progress updates! @Protez1982 Your motor control L298N must be smaller than the ones they used to sell to fit nicely into that tender
  4. Really enjoyed your train and videos. Great loco, carriages and bridge building. The giant spiral collapsing track is a classic!
  5. bricks n bolts

    Handset for PoweredUp

    This is very nicely done! Curious, what OS and C# compiler did you use on the Raspberry Pi ?
  6. bricks n bolts

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    Who would want to argue with a 4-8-8-4 Big Boy with Centipede tender. Happy rolling. My biggest sin is wanting light grey track, I may never be forgiven for this... I note that if you are really hardcore purist, according to this definition, then all PF elements are soon to be off the table for PuP only, and you have long been unable to use 9v or 12v elements for a long long time. Mixing eras is one of the biggest fun elements for me, so not an option for me. You are the wisest of us. IP theft worries many people in many industries, it won't just go away, and is a bigger issue than either the musings of us train heads or the narrow commercial interests of TLC.
  7. bricks n bolts

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    Oh wow, pretty damn close, perhaps a shade lighter, I haven't dabbled in Lepin but they do seem to have gone the extra mile in making more exact clones. I did forget about Lepin, I was going more off what Enlighten and Ausini come out with in my comment. I wonder what the Lepin Horizon Express orange is like, even if it was slightly off though it would drive me nuts mixing the bricks with LEGO stuff.
  8. bricks n bolts

    Best place to buy MOC trains?

    Not marketplace but has nice stuff, especially if you like Dutch trains, and some that are reasonably priced. I got the cattle wagon before the one in the official cargo set, nicer too.
  9. I assume you've seen the 4DBrix documentation at Great project Cosmik, years ago I started on a similar idea ( with @Asperworking on a Raspberry Pi but didn't get much further than sBrick and Brickster support. The idea was to provide a web interface for controlling the trains that could then work on any wifi networked screen such as an old iPad, then my Raspberry Pi blew up and I didn't get much more time for the project. Don't know anyone beyond @codefox421 and @legoman666 who actually built the Brickster modules, which are highly compact open source BT receivers. We had lots of fun attempting to fit them into the tiny 3x4 brick case ( without severing the contacts, but they can be put in a 4x4 brick.
  10. bricks n bolts

    DB 203-112-8

    I'm loving that door handle feature as well as the train! Which piece is that?
  11. bricks n bolts

    MOC: Flying Scotsman (with free instructions)

    Wow, really nice build, thanks for making and sharing such clear instructions!
  12. bricks n bolts

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    If you don't mind the odd dabbling in heretic ways, I would only trust white or black as a colour match from clone brands, then maybe greys and blue under extreme caution. So tan windows = next to impossible. However, black bogie plates should be good unless you get a badly molded one. Still think these hidden sets are taking away from core LEGO play-ability... as soon as the children MOD it to something else, the image recognition will stop working for the ghost things. That's if they get round to playing with bricks at all with a phone stuck in front of their faces. Could be wrong but don't see how that re-railer track piece helps AFOLs, it's really what you would want for DUPLO level. Maybe it's because you have one hand stuck to your phone, which is also stuck to your face, so cannot focus very well where the wheels are going.
  13. bricks n bolts

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    Seems to be sacrificing core LEGO play-ability for this Pokemon Go type idea. Wait for the part outs for some reddish brick and black train doors from that loco. Can be thankful for that at least, before the 60052 blue doors, it was starting to look like train doors were a thing of the past...
  14. bricks n bolts

    Too good to be true [WARNING SCAM SITE]

    Thought I'd make some noise as wasn't seeing it listed anywhere as a scam site, people could fall for it if only picking up one set off a google search. Yes, the 7786 and 7750 images are definitely lifted and just one example, the going rate for a 10027 train shed is 250 Euro used and 350 Euro used. The support email is also to a different domain and the English version doesn't show any thing which is just odd. Good spot on the WHOIS info.
  15. bricks n bolts

    Replacement motors for 4.5V/12V chassis (B├╝hler)

    If you get stuck PM me and I can post you one, think I have some spare.