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  1. legowill1

    Pixars Up House

    Beutiful! I've seen Up and I was nearly crying (it's quite a depressing film) but you got it accurately.
  2. Cruel cruel TLG, making us wait untill january!!! Hey that rhymes!
  3. legowill1

    MOC - Harry Potter Mandrake Lesson.

    The way you did the roof is clever. BTW, is that Amy Pond in the corner? Looks like it.
  4. legowill1


    Absolutely classic! Gives a sort of retro look
  5. legowill1

    LEGO Prince of Persia MOC - Alamut Gate

    How many BOAs did you get?
  6. legowill1

    Pharaoh's Quest 2011

    I agree with you on that
  7. legowill1

    Christmas Trains

    Hogwarts express might be a good option.
  8. These sets are 2010, not 2011
  9. legowill1

    The Ultimate Harry Potter Poll!

    I wonder what would happen if all four castles were put together Maybe I should make a topic for this. Motorizing the new version is quite easy (as long as you have the passenger train). You put the Receiver in the back of the engine, then you put the motorized bogie where the basic one is supposed to go. Then, the hardest part is to remove the tender of the secret compartment, so you have a 4x8 space. Then put the battery box in the tender. Now wire it all up, and your ready to go!
  10. How did you guys change the colour of the parts? How did you get the bricks that are not on LDD?
  11. I somehow knew lego would re-release diagon alley.....but not this big! OMG! I have to get this!!!! But wheres Zonkos?
  12. legowill1

    [Review] 4736: Freeing Dobby

    Great set! As soon as I see it I will pick it up! But one thing. In these sets, shouldn't Harry come with a cape? Never mind!
  13. I agree with Cam! Awsome idea! Oh, and Cam....Shut it!