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    Review: 8404 Public Transport

    I'm just wondering whether is it possible to upgrade this with power functions .. The tram looks awesome.
  2. Gabrielthorn

    Emerald Night Fix

    Hi there! I'm planning to order this beautiful set. Do I need to get extra parts for this fix? If I do, where can I buy them? Thank you!
  3. Gabrielthorn

    REVIEW: 7937 Train Station

    It looks great :) Can I order from outside of France? I can't wait to buy it from our local store(it hits the shelves on 10th of Aug. here :S)
  4. Gabrielthorn

    10001 Metroliner with PowerFunctions

    Thank you for your reply Is it enough space for the IR receiver without removing the passengers in the back of the loco?
  5. Hi there, I've just ordered my first Lego train set(I've been dreaming about it for 16 years), the legendary Metroliner. I'm planning to build a city with RC trains, so I'd like to modify the train to work with PowerFunctions. Can you give me some advice how can I achieve this? I don't have any idea how to place the IR receiver and the rechargeable battery box into the loco, I think there's not enough space for them. Thank you! P.S.: Sorry for my poor English.