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    Very very nice house!!! The only change I would make to it is adding in a real ship anchor (black and a lot smaller) and getting rid of the cannon, but that's just my opinion.
  2. Napoleon

    Is it too late to get into Pirates?

    Never too late to get into pirates, although I'll say it's quite limited as of this time unfortunately. Sadly, the pirates line isn't as perverse as starwars or the castle line. I will be so damn relieved when the starwars rubbish will stop. The contract for starwars runs out in 2011, and I hope that Lego doesn't renew it.
  3. Napoleon

    Odd Lego pricing

    Quite frankly, I think Lego products should all have the same pricing universally. For example, a set in America X Lego set= $50 (USA) X Lego set= £34.50(UK) X Lego set= 40 Euro (Currency rates as of today)
  4. Napoleon

    The OFFICIAL LEGO Online Survey

    Done! Here's what I put! 1 17th-19th century soldier set 2 Release more ships on the scale of or greater than the imperial flagship, ones that are realistic 3 More medieval and pirate town sets, such as a drydock or a large medieval farm 4 Commitment to High Standards of Quality. We do not want to see cheap plastic anymore. 5 Better quality parts and consistent colours Would be a dream come true if Lego used all my suggestions!!! :pir_laugh2: :pir_laugh2:
  5. Napoleon

    2nd Battle of Trenton

    Nice MOC. One thing that stands out and bugs me though is there is one minifig starwars guy with a cartoonish look on his face that is not apropiate for the situation.
  6. Napoleon

    Blue Coats, Red Coats, or Green Coats

    It may be a fishy death, but if there's one thing about fish, it's the smell of a redcoat!
  7. Napoleon

    German soldiers of WWII

    Very nice, but don't forget the kar98k rifles. A D-day MOC with these would be epic.
  8. Napoleon

    Hello all (New Member)

    So I have heard! Thanks for all the welcomes, it looks like a nice and neat community on this site.
  9. Napoleon

    Battle for Concord

    Very nice MOC! May I ask though, where did you get the bayonets for your musket? I have been searching far and wide to find a good bayonet layout for my soldiers.
  10. Napoleon

    Hello all (New Member)

    Oh dear, this is rather embarrassing. Seems I already screwed up again!! Mods please feel free to move this thread and accept my humble condolences.
  11. Napoleon

    Hello all (New Member)

    Mods: It seems like I may have put this type of thread in the wrong section. I offer my sincere condolences and my consent to move this thread to the appropriate place. Greetings to the Lego Pirates community! After stumbling upon this site a couple of weeks ago, I was amazed and awestruck that there are people out there that share similar hobbies and interests as I enjoy. I first came upon the Lego pirate line in 1994, and ever since then, I've been hooked. I love the older sets, especially the blue coats, but the ships that came out in that era IMO were complete rubbish. I currently am working on a MOC on a French fort and hope to share pictures when I'm done. Currently I am en-massing my men by means of ebay and bricklink. Some of my great aspirations for lego would include building a ship that is twice as long and big as the Imperial Flagship (2010), and building the city of Paris, France in the 1750-1820 period. These projects would snowball into a large amount of money spent, but I enjoy Lego as a hobby. Also, in no way am I affiliated or related to Bonaparte, the Site admin. The name I chose was purely coincidental and I did not know Bonaparte was the admin of the site. (This already has gotten me into big trouble earlier, so I am disclosing this to those who have suspicions.)M
  12. I believe the theme will stay forever, but it is being discontinued in 2010 temporarily for the time being as a marketing strategy. Good example: Think of the McDonald's McRib It occasional shows up at random times for limited time only and then comes back after a long period. Wish Pirates had sets as frequent as Lego Starwars... That would be so awesome!
  13. Napoleon

    New project - Sneak Peak

    Love the foliage; would like to see how this turns out.
  14. I hope you guys know that Lego will never discontinue the pirate line... It's just a marketing strategy. They introduce pirates, pull the plug for a while, then re- release them 5-10 years later and there is a huge demand. That way the pirate line doesn't lose their uniqueness.