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  1. SRT907

    Troll Dreadbringer

    Even only the wheels are enough for a standing applause! Also thanks for sharing the "making of..." photos. They are a great source for learning more about photographing the scenes. Great work!
  2. Brilliant! Looks like a real beer house in a European old town.. Very cleverly designed, liked it a lot!
  3. SRT907

    Warlords of Nocturnus: Anfauglir: Phase 1

    Man, you've got style! The way you use 1x1 round bricks to reflect lava is fantastic, just as it was as well, in Crater of Doom. Keep up the good work!
  4. SRT907

    MOC - Freedom's Final Stand

    Fantastic, in each and every detail! The rolled hug as people have also mentioned, and the candlesticks (are they skateboard wheels btw?..), and esp. the inner wall building/decorating style are awesome! And the scene as a whole is very dramatic.. Wish you the best of luck with the rest of your story (and designs, of course!) which I am looking forward to see more of.
  5. SRT907

    Hold the walls!

    Genious build! I love all the details, esp. the way the nature elements (field, trees, ..) are designed. Also the catapult is very realistic. And above all, the drama of the scene behind the walls are fantastic. Women of the old town look terrified, men are running to support the soldiers with whatever they have in their hands (esp. forks!).. Love it as a whole!
  6. SRT907

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Hi again, Here is another one from me... (sorry for not posting in a larger scale, i am only using my smartphone for the shots..)
  7. SRT907

    MOC: Crater of Doom

    Do not worry about the lights. I am no expert either in photography or lighting, but I take shots with a smartphone, a battery torch, and sometimes candles yet the results are occasionally very satisfactory. Yes, candles! Your creation looks very suitable for using candle lights. Just try to put a few candles behind the high hills, so that they do not show up in the shot, but their lights do. (assuming you already set up the dark background) I am already excited about the possible results! :))
  8. SRT907

    [WIP] Apple Store

    Just noticed the way you used the whip utensil/weapon on the camel's neck. Love the details! :)
  9. Loved the green van! Not over-complicated, but also not missing any detail. Scaling and color scheme is very good. Keep up the good work!
  10. SRT907

    MOC: Crater of Doom

    This deserves to be presented in an official Lego LOTR event somewhere. Great work! Only improvment to this wonderful scene might be a dark background and relative lighting. Just my opinion.. It is great as it is, anyway!
  11. SRT907

    [WIP] Apple Store

    Liked the irony with the topic title, and the store itself is also cute!
  12. SRT907

    LEGO Superheroes Microfighters

    Very nice idea! Maybe you could work around just a little bit more on -let's say- 4 or 5 models and submit it on Cuusoo? I am sure you'll get lots of supporters! At least, count me in!
  13. Very beautiful builds! Hope to see the full "isle" at the end! Keep up the good work, Greg! -- Serhat
  14. SRT907

    Journey Start

    Very good perspective, besides the castle itself is awesome. Really nice work! -- Serhat