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  1. Darkblane

    Space Pirates Contest !

    Thanks to everyone who voted for my entries, 1st place in Category B is awesome! I usually build space, sci-fi or city, so it was a nice change to have a go at a classic pirates (in addition to space pirates ). Also congratulations to all of the other winners, the other entries and to Bob for running the contest.
  2. Darkblane

    [SPC] Cat B - The Last Outpost

    The Last Outpost Whether its at sea or in space, there are always uncharted areas where pirates roam. To protect the civilised world (or worlds), Imperial soldiers built chains of outposts spiralling outwards from the heart of civilisation to where these uncharted areas began. Classic Pirate Version Welcome to the last outpost, where one Imperial soldier and his faithful parrot maintain watch over the uncharted seas, ready to light the beacon or man the cannon at the first sign of pirates. This version uses exactly 700 parts (rocks are very parts intensive...) There are more photos in the full set on Flickr: The Last Outpost (Classic Pirate Version) Space Pirate Version Welcome to the last outpost, where one Imperial soldier and his cyber parrot maintain watch over the uncharted regions of space, ready to send a signal or activate the turret at the first sign of space pirates. This version also uses exactly 700 parts (floating rocks are even more parts intensive and it took a lot of time to actually find ways to remove parts from my original design to get it down to the contest maximum!) There are more photos in the full set on Flickr: The Last Outpost (Space Pirate Version)
  3. Long John Silicon's Pirate Crew Welcome to the space pirate crew of Long John Silicon. In the photo above, from left to right: First Mate N13A Quartermaster X4S0 Bosun AR03 Long John Silicon El Castillo (Liberated from the Conquistadorian sector) Lady Killicrew
  4. Like Batman, all I want for Christmas is to share it with the people that matter to me (and for LEGO to announce either a LEGO Movie or UCS Batwing ). Unfortunately I haven't had and don't have enough time to build this using real bricks before the closing date for submissions, so for now and for the raffle at least an LDD model, rendered with POV-Ray will have to suffice, though I do have plans to build this in real bricks as soon as I'm able to.
  5. Darkblane

    Contest Turtle Contest - Entry Thread

    Marine Salvage Drone - MK I "Snapper" The marine salvage drone was designed to allow ships and their cargo to be recovered following a shipwreck, without the need to endanger human life. Each drone could be remotely operated or programmed to follow simple routines. The Mark I was primarily equipped for tearing through wreckage and recovering cargo. It also became routine to equip the Mark I with auxillary grappling hooks to allow it to assist with more complex recovery operations. As a result of its appearance, the Mark I became affectionately known as the "Snapper". If you need a higher resolution image for the poster, the original size of 3072x2304 is available here. It may look larger than 8x8, but it will fit diagonally on an 8x8 base plate, as shown here. More photos can be found on the full set on Flickr: Marine Salvage Drone.
  6. Darkblane

    Contest Turtle Contest - Discussion Thread

    Also, does color matter with regards to determining if a part is considered licensed vs non-licensed? For example, if the battle droid torso in my example above is considered non-licensed, does this apply to it regardless of color as there are some colors in which this this part has only been produced as part of a licensed set e.g. dark red? (Can you tell which part and in which color I want to use within my turtle :))
  7. Darkblane

    Contest Turtle Contest - Discussion Thread

    So to clarify, is there a way to determine if a part is considered licensed or non-licensed? If a part has been used in a non-licensed set, is that part considered non-licensed even if it was originally created for a license e.g. is the (Star Wars) battle droid torso (30375) considered non-licensed because it's been used in LEGO movie sets (e.g. Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!), a few Christmas sets and even a couple of city sets.
  8. Darkblane

    Winter Village: Swing Boats

    Yeah, LEGO really need to make some other denominations, like a $1 bill, as everything seems to cost $100 in the LEGO universe Alternatively, they could at least produce some coins that minifig hands can reliably hold...
  9. Darkblane

    Winter Village: Snowy Owl Beer

    That's a really nice entry and one which fits in really well with the Winter Village Market. These are just the sort of stalls that appear all throughout the Christmas markets in the UK as well. I'd happily include this in my own Winter Village collection if I could.
  10. Darkblane

    Winter Village: Swing Boats

    Winter Village Swing Boats I'm not sure how well known swing boats are around the world, but in the UK, they are a common sight at a fairs, village fetes and Christmas markets. A swing boat is basically an oversized swing seating a pair of riders who pull on a rope causing the boat they are sat in to swing back and forth. "Hey Dad, can we go on the swing boats?" "Sure son" "Wheeeeee!" Each boat swings freely (without the minifigs falling out) as demonstrated by this animated GIF. More photos can be found on the full set on Flickr: Winter Village Swing Boats.
  11. Darkblane

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013

    What do you have on the top of your Christmas tree? An angel, a star or a fairy? In this case, it's a fairy.
  12. Like Simon, I want to start off by saying that I'm not associated with the project in any way other than being a backer. I had the opportunity to see the Mechabrick display at the 2013 Great Weston LEGO Show (aka Steam) in Swindon (UK) and was very impressed by it. This is my impression of it: The Game I think it's important to remember that at the core of this project, there's a game. Yes you can pledge for just the mecha kits, but the purpose of the kits is as the playing pieces of the game. The game essentially seems to be a tabletop skirmish wargame, in which LEGO and LEGO compatible pieces make up the 'miniatures' and scenery. From what I understand, the rules have also been kept very straightforward. As a result, what you end up with is a game easily accessible and easily customizable by anyone with at least some LEGO kits. This isn't just aimed at AFOLs. This is so something that kids can easily pickup, customize and play. For example, the scenery is entire made out of LEGO and even few basic bricks can make effective looking buildings. For each game they can be easily moved around or completely rebuilt. The Mecha With regards to the mecha, it's important to realise that they aren't minifig scale. Even though they make use of minifig parts, the mecha (and scenery) are closer to microscale (they actually seem scaled to the LEGO trophies). If you look at the project, you'll see that each mecha consists of a lot of individual custom parts, each one designed to be compatible with LEGO. For example, the shoulders are attached to the upper arms via a stud connection. The feet attached to the legs by a stud / bar connector. One of the guns has even been designs so that a set of binoculars can be attached to it (like the guns in the Galaxy Squad sets) The minifigs parts were probably chosen to be incorporated as there's no need to design additional custom parts when these parts do the job of providing a core structure to the mecha. They also allow easy color customization (each mecha of the same color could easily be distinguished by a different colored set of legs). The mecha can easily be customised using standard LEGO parts, so you could for example swap out the head for one of the robot heads from the Galaxy Squad sets (and again in context of the game, this makes customizing each 'army' very easy for anyone of any age). These parts also don't have to all be used together. Just because they're designed to combine into a mecha, doesn't stop them being useful parts in their own right. Individually they can easily be incorporated into other MOCs just like any custom part from BrickForge, BrickArms etc. Of course, all of this is just my own opinion and speculation and I understand this still may not appeal to everyone, but hopefully that's helped clarify some aspects of the project, and outlined some of the potential I think it has.
  13. Now that I've finished reading through five(!) pages of entries, here's my entry: More Than Meets The Eye Theme: City / Sci Fi / Transformers I'd have done a big reveal and put the second image of these four first, but I know that the first image tends to get used as the thumbnail for the voting thread, and if I'd put that one first, it might not have been obvious that I'd actually done anything as I intentionally kept the vehicle form (of what is obviously a Transformer) as close to the original as possible. The complete transformation process (from vehicle form to robot form) can be seen below: The process can simply be reversed to convert the robot form back to the vehicle form. Other than the gun which needs to be detached, split into two and stored inside the vehicle, and the shield, which becomes the roof, the camper van can be transformed from its robot form to its vehicle form (or visa versa), without any structural changes - all parts fold neatly away or form the body of the camper van. Check out the full set on Flickr: More Than Meets The Eye
  14. Sorry for the late reply WhiteFang. Mine arrived a couple of weeks ago, I just didn't have time to take a photo of them, but here it is: Again, thanks and I look forward to the next contest.
  15. Space Invaders Minifig: Battle Mech Theme: Space The battle mech watched the invaders descending on the screen in front of him. The graphics were basic, as were the controls, but then they didn't need to be anything else, they outlined the situation perfectly. The odds didn't look good, but the battle mech would remain in this bunker, defending the planet with the bunker's laser cannon until all of the invaders had been destroyed or the bunker had been destroyed. This was no game. The Battle Mech minifig stands on the two studs in the control room at the bottom of the vignette. Check out the full set on Flickr for alternate angles and photos of the vignette with the Battle Mech minifig included.