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  1. Solitary Dark

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Rebel troop battle packs from Rogue One, only £5 in Asda
  2. Solitary Dark

    Rocket Racoon's warbird

    Here is my Rocket's Warbird, one of the Ravager ships from Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket's Warbird 3 by The Solitary Dark, on Flickr Rocket's Warbird 5 by The Solitary Dark, on Flickr My son is a huge Rocket fan, so as soon as the movie was over he asked me to build the Warbird. I could not think of a better way to build the beak, so used Marcos Bessa's design from the Milano.
  3. Solitary Dark

    UK Sales

    I don't know how long it lasts but the offer has been on for at least a week. I picked up the Rock Flinger last weekend. If you go on The Entertainer's website,, there is a banner you can select. They have sold out of Benny's spaceship and the B-wing, but they have most of the agents sets and a few other China and Lego movie sets.
  4. Solitary Dark

    UK Sales

    The Entertainer is having a Penny sale at the moment. Last week My wife found Rogons Rock Flinger, buy 1 get 1 for a penny. Today she found Benny's Spaceship in the same offer, so I gained 2 for £80. The same branch (Staines) had most of the Ultra Agents range and some other small Lego Movie sets.
  5. Solitary Dark

    (MOC) Commuters leaving the underground station

    Some great vintage Minifigs in there. I particularly like Cowboy hat lady.
  6. There are some great pieces in here in new colours - I like the number of fantasy characters in particular, particularly the Frog Princess. I'll likely pick up a few space miners too for that helmet and the gun in orange.
  7. Solitary Dark

    Narrow Gauge Train Set

    Thanks for all the kind words everyone, it's good to know there is such an interest in Narrow Gauge trains. The colour choices were dictated mostly by what I had available. It was either purple or pink for the carriage! I would like official straight pieces, or even crosses or points, as a whole layout in this scale would be very practical for kids. My son is asking for a Cargo Shunter next - good Job I have a few more Small train wheels...
  8. Solitary Dark

    Narrow Gauge Train Set

    My favourite set as a kid was my 7740 I was given for my 7th Birthday - Still complete, still running, side by side with my Son's 9V. When I saw the 4-Wide track I knew I had to build a mini train set. I have spent a long time trying to settle on the size and type of Engine, and finally decided to go with this: Narrow Gauge rail 7 by The Solitary Dark, on Flickr Narrow Gauge rail 14 by The Solitary Dark, on Flickr Narrow Gauge rail 11 by The Solitary Dark, on Flickr Narrow Gauge rail 1 by The Solitary Dark, on Flickr I added the small countryside scenes - My son wants me to now add some Cargo. Like lots of folk I hope one day there are some 4-wide straight tracks, or even points.
  9. Solitary Dark

    Contest Turtle Contest - Entry Thread

    Herbert 5 by The Solitary Dark, on Flickr Here is Herbert - a Turtle who likes to walk on 2 legs.
  10. Solitary Dark

    War of the Worlds Tripod

    Back at the beginning of the year I went to an exhibition at a local art gallery (The Lightbox, in Woking, Surrey U.K,) based on the theme of Alien Invasions. Woking was home to H.G Wells and he based the novel War of the Worlds there. My home town is featured in the book as is the town I live now, and where I went to school is on the site of one of the main battles (The river bend at Shepperton). It prompted me to re-read the book, which in turn generated images in brick of the tripod's - and here they are. Tripod 1 by The Solitary Dark, on Flickr Tripod 5 by The Solitary Dark, on Flickr There are so many versions now that I chose to base my version on the pictures I conjured as I read.
  11. Solitary Dark

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    No sorry, There were signs up informing customers that the market research team were there, filming, and please not to take any photos.
  12. Solitary Dark

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Nothing was suggested but the parts were in the normal bins, so I suspect that the parts would be able to be bought in cups also. It would only become a problem once the supply started to run low at the end of the time period of the particular model.
  13. Solitary Dark

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I went to the London Westfield store on Tuesday and the Market research folks were in Store testing a New concept for the PAB wall. My son and I were happy to test the concept and answer questions. In short there was a model similar to the Monthly mini-buil, in the case a small crocodile, in a plastic case similar to the build a minifig case, with a cardboard insert. The insert detailed all the parts you needed to collect, and all the parts were available in ample qualities in the PAB wall. Parts included the new Mixel single stud tile eyes, headlights, 2 brick curve slopes, 4 wide curves and many other parts I had never seen in the PAB before. This took a large area in the centre of the main wall. Both my wife and my son made a crocodile set up while I talked to Lindsay from the Market research team. She asked myself and my son lots of questions about our PAB buying habits. We gave her the following opinions: The parts don't refresh often enough in the walls - it's quite often the same parts for months at a time - if it was refreshed more regularly we would visit more often. We don't buy 2x4 bricks in PAB, we look for a variety of parts, particularly rarer items. There's no point having tyres and no hubs to match! Co-ordinate colours - I pointed at some lavender 2x1 plates, and pointed out that there was nothing else even remotely like that colour or part. Whilst it was a great part and I had some it would be great to have a variety of other items in the same colour. The parts selection was very exciting, the only drawback being that we weren't allowed to buy any of the parts in the new model selection. We said that we would definitely be interested in such a concept, and I would certainly buy both complete mini models and put parts in my PAB cup. We were asked about price we would pay etc, and I got the impression that the intention would be that the model offered in the PAB would be changed on a regular basis, keeping the parts selection fresher than it is now. Has anyone else seen this at any other stores this week?
  14. Solitary Dark

    MOC: San Francisco Cable Car - 7w

    Really lovely - I'm a big fan of trolley cars and this is a very nice rendition - looking forward to seeing some more from you...
  15. Solitary Dark

    Vote for your favourite Category 9A entries

    35) Mermaid Entry (Build by Cecilie) 3 points Great entry