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  1. bdd

    new SPACE sets in 2007!!!!

    That's megablocks and you know! Everyone always goes "There are new sets blah blah" and never say anything after that even when people complain. Those people don't get banned at all, don't even get a talknig to. Edited by DoubleT
  2. bdd

    Christmas Town

    No, they look like white baseplates to be, they have made white ones before.
  3. bdd

    new SPACE sets in 2007!!!!

    Warning for what? What everyone of this site seems to do? Guess you will have to ban everyone including the owners. *Rolleyes*
  4. bdd

    Brickshelf: Frankfurt Train Station

    I've built better. :)
  5. bdd

    New 2007 city sets

    I saw it too yesterday at the Lego Shore, and was wondering the same thing. No other new sets, aka the Star Wars sets, of course they show up today, I could have ordered them and got free shipping.
  6. bdd

    New 2007 Castle Theme!!

    We already knew there was going to be a new Castle series in 2007. It's not helpful saying "That's not it" because saying that means you know other info that isn't being shared.
  7. bdd

    New 2007 Castle Theme!!

    I hate when poeple go.. Well there are going to be sets and they look amazing, but that's all I can say. Then just kerep your mouth shut if you aren't going to share everything.
  8. bdd

    Advent Calendar 2006 daily news

    The Advent Calendar was "In Stock" on the website earlier today. While I think it's a great set and love the Airport, Doctor, and Park guys I couldn't bring myself to pay the outragous $5 shipping.
  9. bdd

    V-wing on S@H

    I think it was. Maybe Lego messed up with one ship in new great and the other in old? or maybe the guy just mixxed the ships up, not like there is a shortage of Ties around. :)
  10. bdd

    New 2007 Castle Theme!!

    I like the Medevil Town idea. :) I doubt it's true, the SpongeBob sets turned out to be iffy too. And what's with the numbing... 25--? odd numbers.
  11. bdd

    V-wing on S@H

    Was this set even made when new grey came out?
  12. bdd

    V-wing on S@H

    *Starts swearing* I don't have the box where are the pieces!!! *runs around looking for the set's pieces" The set is a good set, interesting biuld, but not worth more than $50-$70.
  13. bdd

    V-wing on S@H

    Clone Troops go for $8 each?! i have four of them from the walkie thing in episode 2. I could make money off the set (I got it for $25). *sets up brinklink account* :)
  14. bdd

    V-wing on S@H

    Not in America, only in Europe.
  15. bdd

    V-wing on S@H

    How much are these sets supposed to be again?